Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Painting Update - Heavy Gear


Time for another small painting update. Finished off a few things for Heavy Gear for the current series of games. Not as much as I was hoping but not bad either!

Flail Infantry:

Got some new bases in so I was able to complete the 2 plastic stands from the kickstarter. Since I found the flails to be kind of cool I also got a third base of commando flails with vibro-blades. Not really sure if they are meant to be single based in the current game, but I think it looks cool this way.

Hover Tanks:

Now that I had bases I was also able to finish my two big hover tanks. As discussed before have had these sitting around primed for years and years so good to have them fully done finally! They are pretty cool I think, The new grey spray from GW made it rather easy.

Plastic Hover Tank:

One of the plastic tanks from the kickstarter. These are kind of inbetween the bigger ones and the light tanks. I went for the assault pack with the grenade launcher since I thought it might be needed even thou the rail gun looks allot cooler. The second one which is still not finished has that thou.

Hover Cars:

Also got a couple of H3-C recon Hover Cars done, needed to provide some support. These are new I did a small order last week to add a few bits and pieces.

Hoverbike Grell Infantry:

Finally a couple of stands of Hoverbike infantry. Just because they are so cool, can't really resist that. Big gold space helmets. I am not confident that they will be very good, but hopefully they will be good fun and at least annoying. If anything I kind of want more to make a full unit hah.

That all I got for now just a few bits for the next game in the Shattered Peace series.

Starting to be pretty happy with my CEF stuff now, there are a few more things I would like to add, plus replace my old light tanks. But they are kind of expensive really, suppose I need to paint some of the plastic frames, but I don't really like frames that much.

Anyway should have the next battle report up on Thursday.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 35 Bunch of packs of 6mm stuff for Epic 
Painted: 57
Total: +22


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