Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Painting Update - 6mm Space Marines

Hello All,

I have pretty well finished off my Epic scale Ultramarine army. This is both for the Fall of Cadia game that I am going to do at Cangames, but also I might play it in the Epic Armageddon tournament at Cold Wars in a couple of weeks. The original miniatures are long out of production, but there are a few companies that make good ones that can be used and it is clear what they are meant to be, so I got these from Vanguard Miniatures, they are listed as Novan Elites.

Full Army:

Doing things a bit backwards this time around and starting off with a full army shot. Pretty simple set up with the classic blue with red weapons of the Ultramarines. I can't paint the symbol on their shoulder pads so I just put a white dot. This is just about 3000 points which gives me a few options to mess around with. Some close up shots to follow.

Tactical Formations with Rhino Transports:

First up is the core regular type guys, 2 formations of tactical marines. Basically each stand is a half squad so half have missile launchers and half have flamers.


2 Formations of terminators, no transports as they teleport down to the battlefield in their heavy armor. The guy with black armor is a chaplain, and the guy with the small banner is a captain. Actually the captain looks allot like the model for Marneus Calgar the chapter master for this army which is pretty neat.

Assault Marines:

2 Formations of assault marines, they have jump packs and close combat weapons to bring some pain. Again with a chaplain and captain.


One formation of heavy weapon guys, lasers and plasma cannons, all kinds of fun stuff. Their transports have big guns so can only hold half a squad.

Whirlwind + Dreadnought:

Then of course there are the tanks. Here is a formation of artillery tanks that shoot lots of rockets. Also a single dreadnought type guy, he can be an upgrade to any unit. I think this was a freebie that came in a sample pack, pretty cool.

Predator Tanks:

Finally I have some battle tanks, a mix of predator annihilator and destructors. I forget which is which. You can only get 4 in a formation so 6 is a bit awkward, plus a single AA tank who can join any unit, at least have something to shoot at planes!

So there you go that is my current army for the Ultramarines. I have a couple of bits to add like a supreme commander base that is almost done and some drop pods but you get the idea. Now I just need some demons and chaos marines to fight for cangames!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 35 
Painted: 68
Total: +33


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