Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Painting Update - Lots

Hello All,

Time for another painting update, got lots of stuff done this time around. Had a bit of a problem with bases, turned out I didn't have any left in a certain size so a few things are not 100% finished until the new ones come and I get that done, but not a big deal. Working on lots of projects at the same time now for some reason.

First up some 6mm Science Fiction stuff, expanding out and working on some more Epic armies.

Tengu Assault Rigs on the Right (Crisis Battle Suits) Raiju Heavy Assault Rigs on the Left (Broadsides):

Here is some more Tau stuff, just a bunch of batle suits. Some more of the regular ones, and some heavy anti-armor ones with rail guns.

Baku APC (Devilfish) and 1 Fujin Grav Tank (Ion Hammerhead):

Some tanks finished as well, 3 APCs to carry around the infantry from last time, and another tank to go with the last 3 as you need units of 4.

Tenko Assault Craft (Piranha):

Finally for the Tau a few smaller recon vehicles.

Novan Elite - Affray Company (Ultramarines Tactical Company):

Also started some Space Marines formations, so here is a unit of tactical marines with their transports.

Iron Hills Dwarves:

Moving on from the Epic stuff over to some fantasy stuff now. Here is a set of Iron Hills Dwarves for the Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. Bunch of angry guys with spears and beards.

Iron Hill Dwarf Captain and Banner:

They are bound to need some leadership so here is a captain and banner.

Dain Ironfoot:

Also finished off Dain Ironfoot both on foot, and mounted on his Pig of War! May recognize him from the last Hobbit movie. Actually this model is the main reason I have any of these guys, it is just so cool, must have for me. I have been hoping they would make this guy ever since I saw the last movie. The mounted version is not quite finished as I didn't have a big enough base left. But that is not to much.

Heavy Gear, Badlands Outpost:

Also completed another bit of terrain for Heavy Gear, the badlands outpost. Had this one for quite awhile as well. Turned out pretty easy to paint now, did the whole thins with a brown spray then just had to finish the ground add some dry brushing and details ect...

Heavy Gear, Flail Infantry:

Back to Sci-Fi again, here are some flail infantry from the new plastic starters. Again Not based so not 100% done.

Heavy Gear, Hover Tank:

Lastly a big hover tank for heavt gear. Have had this literally sprayed black and sitting around un finished for proably 7 or 8 years maybe. Been awhile. Recently GW has come out with a line of colored aprays which are really nice. So I have been able to finish of some stuff that I have been procrastinating on for while.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 30 Bunch of packs of 6mm stuff for Epic 
Painted: 47
Total: +17


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  1. looking good Mike...your dwarves and outpost are my favourite, they look outstanding, nicely done.