Thursday, 23 February 2017

Heavy Gear - Shattered Peace - Downing Front - Game 2

Hello All,

Played a second round of the set of scenarios for Heavy Gear. Last time the CEF performed some recon on a force aournd a Maglev line and has been fighting them through the day. They were reinforced by a tank company, but are now being flank by a Hover Tank division. This is a much bigger game at 200 points. So the Northerns are now trying to escape from being encircled. They have to escape off the far board edge, the CEF has to assassinate their commander and breakthrough into their deployment zone.

Here is the initial set up, some Hover Tanks and a FLAIL spread out facing against a ton of Northern Gears on the other side. Lots of Grizzlies hiding out behind a hill, some Hunters in the middle, and Jaguars behind the trees. Pretty far away from each other for this some not much happened here other then moving forward.

End of turn one my flank showed up, some more Hover tanks with close assault packs, and some Hoverbike infantry. Sadly I mad a mistake and put them close together without thinking. I lost initiate, so they got a ton of guided munitions and rockets shot at them and all died. I kept moving up and trying to do some damage, but it is easy to get defensive bonus and re-rolls so kind of tough going. I got some damage on a Kodiak, and took some on my commanders tank.

Next turn I am still trying to make the best of it, am able bring down the Kodiak, and a ferret but not much else really. The Jaguars try firing into my tanks on the far side also with not much effect.

Things continue like that mostly next turn, the Jaguars are able to jump on the back of one of my tanks and kill it easily, along with a Hovercar on the far side. I tried to kill a Cheetah in the open with my MHT-95 but didn't get far with my grenade launcher, and he had ECM on so other weapons were totally ineffective.

Meanwhile the hunters fired some shots into the FLAIL in passing, the Norther tanks tried to kill my big tanks with the help of the grizzlies but couldn't quite get it done.

We ran out of time there, with not allot being accomplished really. Kind of a draw but decided to count it as a win for the North as the winner of this game decideds which scenario for part 2 of Fall Back, played with the survivors. So I suspect that is not good for me.


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  1. Thanks Mike, great write up. This game is proving to be quite fun.