Thursday, 23 March 2017

Battle Report - Frostgrave

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday Wargaming Battle Report! This week we were playing Frostgrave. Good idea to have a bit of a lite game around Cold Wars, just makes it a bit easier what with beeing gone all weekend, so there is less time to prep. I was to lazy to really dig out a great scenario, so we just played the basic one, with some terrain I set up, but with a monster coming on every treasure. I kept on with my witch, and Serge tried out a Chronomancer.

Here is our set up, 6 treasures scattered around, a couple on the low planks, a couple on the high planks, one in the Spiders Nest, and one on the Huge rock I think. I kind of split into 3 groups to go for the closest 3.

Here we are towards the end of turn 1, a Troll and a Toad have shown up on the left by my Thug! A vampire on the back right behind the bad guys, and a couple of ghouls to fight the bear. I had 2 treasures picked up at this point, but one of my guys by the big rock with the chest got mind controlled which is not great.

Bear battles the Ghouls under the high planks. They are mostly just making him mad.

Bit of a scrum going on now. People with loot run for safety, while everyone else battles it out. Lots of people getting ready to duel in the bowl of the big rock. On the planks there was a big of a stand off with some Knights and Templars, but everyone backed away. I did move my Theif who fought off the Toad and Troll up on the planks to lure the Troll that way. I then used push to send him towards the bad guys Templar hah! Meanwhile my Bear continued to fight the Ghouls and my Apprentice went for the gold.


Everyone is pretty much withdrawing by now. All the treasure except the one my Mind Controlled guy has a pretty much spoken for. My Bear killed 2 Ghouls and a Toad by now, but was finally brought down by a Boar. But he acted as a distraction for my Apprentice to escape with some mroe stuff. My Templar was busy chasing down and just absoultely murdering my Theif that got Mind Controlled. I guess she doesn't like traitors.

But by now some other guys had shown up to contest. My Templar is about to eviscerate this theif by the chest, had is already damaged from being pushed off the top by my wizard. This would then leave just the incoming guy on the planks to fight off both of my guys.

A Boar is also coming in, this measurement shows him just out of range of my Templar. At this point the Chronomancer gives on that chest so we end up with 3 treasures each.

I had allot of my guys killed, but only one person died. Actually I think it may have been that guy who had been Mind Controlled. No permanent deaths on the other side. We both basically got 2 levels and some books and gold. I learned Strike Dead, and hired a Knight and a Mystic Monk, and the Chronomancers set up in an Inn and kept some cash for later.

Hopefully I can pass my roll to re-summon the Bear, he seems to be key!


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