Thursday, 2 March 2017

Heavy Gear - Shattered Peace - Downing Front - Game 3

Hello All,

Time for the third game in our Shattered Peace series. This is a direct continuation from the last game, so no new units are available we had to just keep playing with everyone that managed to survive the last game! The CEF attack along Mag Lev Alpha is faltering now, but a last ditch effort is being made to punch through the defenses. So the Earth forces are trying to assassinate the North Army Commander (Grizzly), and achieve a breakthrough (be in enemy deployment zone). Meanwhile the Northern forces are trying to Blockade (no enemy in deployment zone) the Earth forces and destroy them. The battle has rolled a bit more towards the mountains so there are some quite large rock formations around this time, and some more forests.

To do this I just have a pair of heavy tanks, with a recon car, and a pair of light tanks with a Flail infantry. The North have some Grizzlies behind the rock on the left with a cheetah, some hunters in the woods, and on the far right out of shot a few remaining Jaguars and another cheetah. So seems a bit grim for Earth but will see what I can get done.

I advanced and made some guided attacks with my big tanks and mostly got rid of the cheetah with the grizzlies, my other tanks advanced taking some fire from the guided mortars of the grizzlies but nothign too serious. I just had the Flail sneaking up on the far right to get in the zone. Sadly my recon can was totally destroyed so you can see a bunch of smoke there now.

Next turn the advance continued, I had the initiative again, so kept pressing forwards with my big tanks, destroying 1 grizzly and the cheetah, but loosing my lead tank to allot of fire. My smaller tanks continued to advance but, the hunters made their move supported by some Northern tanks are were able to focus one down. Starting to not have very many troops left now!

On the fair right my Flail who you can just see was advancing, and with a lucky shot managed to kill a Jaguar! But their fire has been chipping away and he is just holding on. My remaining light tanks has been taking a pounding from the Hunters and one tank, doing the best he can to fight back, but it is not easy going. My big tank has been dueling with the other tank and the Grizzlies, taking some pot shots and trying to get at the commander. I did finally get the other cheetah so that was some success.

I thought I might have a chance if I got to go first, to try and take out the commander. But I lost initiative again sadly. The big tanks don't have any defensive weapons that can snap fire back so the North were free to chip away and finally bring my commander down. My light tank failed to achieve anything of note, and was then focused down by tons of fire from the hunters and the tanks. It's hard to the hunters to do damage, but with weight of fire they are able to snake a few damagin shots in which can build up fast.

So another big defeat for the CEF, but I was able to get in a few good shots. It seems that numbers is very important in this game, so the hunters seem to be very well placed. But I was happey with the Flail as well. I would say this was easily the most fun game yet as we are starting to get the rules down a bit, so there is much less discussion and looking things up, meaning the game flows much better now.

Next week we will have the final game on the Downing Front set of scenarios. It is time for the North to counter attack at last!


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