Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Painting - Terrain

Hello Folks,

Been busy putting the last few touches on my Space Marines army for the Cold Wars tournament, I decided to base all the tanks due to magnetization mainly. But also been slowing down a bit. So I didn't get as much stuff done this week. Just a couple of terrain pieces.

6mm Shanty Town - for Epic:

Hmm looks like the second picture got messed up somehow. Anyway these are a bunch of resin buildings painted and glues on to a board, then flocked and what not. Nothing to fancy, but it took a bit of time to paint all the buildings, and they have some cool details for such small buildings, old tires and garbage cans and all that. Not sure how well this fits in, but I thought it was pretty cool. I have some ruins to do as well, and defences ect.. Lots of stuff left to do for cangames.

Spider Nest - 28mm Frostgrave

I also finally got around to painting a spider nest piece that was started at a terrain day we had a few months back. This has a few metal pieces on a base with some deeper sand. Turned out pretty cool I think with some spider eggs and treasure and uneven ground. If I had my time back I would add a dead tree or 2, but I think it is kind of cool. Even has a crow picking the meat off a skull!

Fits into the table pretty well, but being a perfect rectangle is a bit of a problem maybe.


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