Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Painting Update - Science Fiction

Hello All,

Time for some new painted stuff. Continuing the science fiction theme that has been going on lately. I have a few new things for Heavy Gear, to play in the last scenario which is upcoming today, and some more Epic 40k stuff as part of getting ready for my big game at Cangames. Making good progress. I new to order some new bases thou so that could cause a small slow down, we will see.

I was to lazy to set up the lights and what not, as I also needed to set up some terrain, so the lighting is a bit crap.

Heavy Gear - F6-16 and BF2-21 Assault Packs:

First up a unit of Frames for my CEF forces. This a CF6-16, a F6-16, and a pair of FLAIL piloted BF2-21, using the plastics from the kickstarter. These models have some problems and they are not perfect, but they are really easy to paint so I ended up liking them.

I thought it would be a good idea to make a unit that had the current version of the rules in mind. My metal unit has the equipment that was best back then but I don't think the jet packs are worth it anymore, they were the cheapest option before. These guys all have Rotary Laser Cannons to give some burst mods, and shields for defense, so hopefully will work better.

Ultramarines Drop Pods:

A couple of drop pods for my Marines so I can land them from Orbit exactly where they are needed. One is on the ground with doors open, and one about to land.

Xiphon Fighters:

A pair of fighters to give some air support, these models actually look allot like the new Xiphon Fighter that Forge World did which I think is pretty cool. 4 Lascannons a piece!

Ultramarines Supreme Commander:

Finally to finish things off a supreme commander stand, with big banner, and a tech marine. This is the end of the Marines stuff that I have / plan to get. Well I may get some assault terminators if I am weak maybe...

Chaos Warband:

Also got started on some bad guys, someone has to invade Cadia afterall, it's not going to invade itself. These are actually legit Epic models that I got off Ebay, they are plastic 6mms beleive it or not. A bunch of Chaos Space marines and a dreaded Chaos Lord. I painted them in the World Bearers colors. Which doesn't much if you aren't a 40k fan but there you go. Some demons are coming up next!

Chaos Stormblade:

Finally for today is a giant Chaos tank, the Stormblade, with it's Titan Scale Plasma Blastgun. Ready to bring some big pain.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 40 (Some Epic stuff (fighters and drop pods) and Epic Terrain (trenches and a few buildings)) 
Painted: 77
Total: +37



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