Monday, 6 March 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Campaign - Turn 3 and 4

Hello All,

Had another campaign day at the club for the on going SAGA campaign. Another outing with the Pagan Rus, got to play 3 games this time.

Game 1: vs Vikings (Duncan) The Escort

For the first game the dice decided that we should play the Escort scenario. This is pretty much the ideal one for the Rus as you can force your opponent to spread out. Also there are a few good abilities for controlling movement.

With the Vikings mostly isolated to stop the baggage from just running off I was able to use some abilities to exhaust and then kill a unit of Hearth guard right away.

The Vikings advanced, but I had slowed movement down for the full table. This made it hard to catch my guys. On my second turn I was able to move back a unit and the baggage and kill another hearth guard unit with the same combination. With half of the Viking army removed without really fighting and no way to really win the scenario they gave it up. Bit of an easy but lame win the the Rus.

Game 2: vs The Scots (Tod) The Burh

For the second game I was set to face off with the Scots, and ended up with the Burh scenario. So the Scots had to attack my walled town! Aparently Scotland it just jammed with people so they elected to make this a huge 8 point game. This made me spend my money to higher mercenaries, which was a bit uncool if you ask me. Come to my land making me spend money and trying to kill me guys?

Hearing horror stories about what happens to isolated units the Scots elected to attack on mass. I thought that was a bit over kill but up to them. They have 7 turns to kill my guys and be inside the Burh. I was mostly playing a slow game trying to slow down movement and what not.

The Scots advanced slowly waiting for the ideal dice to attack, so I started to bring my forces together. Their levy tossed some javelins but I used an ability to give them fatigues and then starting freezing them off.

Next turn the levy shift over to make room for the attacks to start.

Which they do of course, starting with the really big unit with the sweet banner. But I had a bunch of abilities to use as well, so it was fairly even and the Scots were pushed back. They also attacked with some hearth guard, but same result just a casualty or 2.

On my turn my reinforcements showed up, and I continued killing guys from units with fatigues.

Then things really got bloody I lost my Hearthguard, and we both lost a bunch of warriors, with me pushed back from the wall. At some point I made a counter attack and almost lost my Warlord.

In then end I was slightly ahead on the killing, and the Scots weren't able to stay across, or break the gate, so it was another win for the Rus. But I made a mistake of leaving the mercenaries out of the fight, so it was my guys that mattered getting killed! Apparently the Scotish warlord had a new ability for removing fatiguewhich could have made a big difference, but it was forgotten until after.

Game 3: vs Norse Gael (Kent) Harry and Burn (Might have the faction name wrong, it's the challenges one)

Next game was against some angry Gaels. These guys game to burn down one of my villages. Again competing on kill points, but bonuses for them for burning things. Again I was forced into mercenaries but not as many this time. Also since I had only 1 wealth they came for free, so ok no problem I guess.

The Gaels were smart and came forward together burning the houses (more points), and throwing javelins. I put the mercenaries front and center this time. I was having a bit of a hard time engaging, the Norse they have some good abilities and can refuse combat. So it was a slow grind, similar as the last game with the Scots.

I tried a few attacks but at this point I am loosing 2 men killed for every kill I get, so it was not working. I think it would be better to attack on 2 fronts, but I had my guys spaced out a bit much. In the end the Norse had kill my big unit of 12 mercenary warriors and burnt a house, securing a bit of a win and late in the game, then started to pull back. I decided it wasn't worth risking my own men to push for a win as it only gets me 1 point and Kent didn't have to many victory points anyway. So I let it go at that rather then loose men. So this time it was a loss for the Rus.

Overall the fate rolls were pretty fair to me. I got a good marriage for an extra point of land, and some new Levy. Can't remember what the third one was, so couldn't have been that bad. The good marragie cost me a victory point thou, as I have to much land now!

Having now spent a few turns defending, I can say I don't like it, you give up to much control to the enemy as they get to choose the points! Might have to do some raiding next time, we will see.