Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Battle Report - SAGA Aeitus and Arthur

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday war gaming battle report! A bit late maybe because I have been lazy of late, Also because I had a tendency to finish them on my lunch break and now there is not really enough time for that and I have adjust to a new system yet.

Anywho last week we got the chance to finally try out a game with the new Saga book! Very exciting indeed. I had the plucky Romans and Serge had an all mounted Goth force because he is a bad person. We tried out one of the new scenario, Retreat! This was picked by me and I felt it made sense for the Romans to be retreating, so that was my choice....

In this scenario the attacker gets points for murder, and the defender gets points for escaping off the table and half points for murder. The attacker goes first from very close and all the defending units have a fatigue to start with, boo.

Initial set up, you can see my plan was to refuse the right flank and be behind the woods making it a bit awkward to charge. Possibly I didn't take this far enough. The Goths are everywhere, and choose to put a unit right behind me also blocking my escape, but taking 2 fatigues.

Holy cow they all charge like crazy, so many dice. This was a pretty potent strike to my army, my warriors are devastated. One unit totally gone, another with 1 guy, and the archers half dead. I had 3 dice to try and defend, but there were just to many charges for that to be effective, and all of my guys starting with 1 fatigue made them vulnerable.

I did what I could to strike back, the balista killed a hearth guard from the blocking force, and my big mounted unit charged and killed a unit. I thought this would cost the Goths a Saga dice but I had mis counted. So some return fire, but not enough.

The Goths press the advantage killing my warlord and all the rest of the warriors but 1. That is not good news!

Well not much options left with 2 saga dice but I charge with my mounted guys to at least try, but they don't accomplish much.

More charging and my mounted and balista are ridden into the ground. I tossed my one dice into plumbatae to throw some darts and kill another guy or 2.

The Goths of course murder the last warrior and half of my levy. This leaves me with no saga dice to roll so I just loose the game mercifully?

So that game was a bit of a disaster. I never thought it through but picking a mission where the goths are all starting within charge distance and I have fatigue was not a smart idea really. Could have been interesting the other way around perhaps. Never really got to see much of what the Romans could do with such an effective alpha strike, but the Goths seemed pretty cool. Kind of like mounted vikings, and that is a scary thought!

We are going to try the winter river crossing tomorrow I assume that won't go any worse!


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