Thursday, 27 July 2017

Painting - Infinity!

Hello Folks,

Time for another painting update! Wednesday wargaming on a bit of a hiatus due to injury and vacations, but maybe I can find a ringer we will see.

Anyway with the Romans in good shape, but I have a few more to do, I decide it was time to change things up a bit. It struck me that I haven't been getting to much painting done for Infinity, which I ahve been playing a fair bit, so I decided to work on my back log for that for a bit. I have a bunch of stuff built up from a combination of prizes and some things I picked up. Making good progress for now thou.

Crane Agent:

First up a few guys for my Yu Jing army. This guy is a Crane Agent, was a freebie for pre-ording one of the books I think.

Takeshi Neko Oyama:

This guy is a special character of the Samurai type guys, pretty cool with his sword and what not.

Shaolin Monk:

Finally there is the space monk, he came out weirdly leaning forward but what are you gonna do right. Aparently I forgot to trim the pictures on this lot so sorry for that. I had taken the pictures last week but forgot I hadn't fixed them up.

Nisses HMG:

Then a few guys for my PanO guys. Blue instead of yellow hah. This guy is a pretty good one with a multi-spectral visor and a camouflage device so he can get some real murder going on.

Miranda Ashcroft:

Technically a mercenary so she can be in a bunch of armies, but most likely I will be including her with these guys. Scary swords can always be fun right.


Some more basic infantry, a sniper and a short range machine gunner in there. These are for a sub-faction so I decided to base them a bit different. Bit of a change in colors going on here as my older stuff is green.


A trio of hunter-killer type guys, including their special character. The lady is a hacker, which is fun. Have 2 more of these guys coming up soon.

Akalis Sikh Commandos:

These ones are drop troops so they can fly in and bring the pain deep. The right is another hacker, and the left has a spitfire. Not a huge fan of drop troops in this game, but they can be fun, especially the hackers can do some needed tasks every now and then.

Knight of Montessa:

Finally a knight, always got to have a few of these. This brand of knights get to use mechanized deployment so they can start a bit forward and be closer to stabbing people!

Group Shot:

To finish off here is a group shot for the new sub-faction.

Still have lots more infinity stuff to paint so I will keep on with that until I get bored or distracted! Next big thing is a few guys for another PanO sub faction.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 157
Painted: 241
Total: 84


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