Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Battle Report - The Walking Dead All Out War

Hello Folks,

Over the Canada Day long weekend I had the opportunity to head over to Duncan's for a game, so we set up to try out another game of The Walking Dead. Zombie games are turning out to be quite fun! Very easy game helps for sure. This time we were a bit more advanced on the terrain side, Duncan has gotten some more stuff completed and I took along my big cit mat.

We both had a rag tag group of 4 survivors. I had 4 custom ones, and Duncan just used 4 existing cards with some models we thought were cool.

I had The King Pin, The Hitman, Angry Axe Man, and a Firefighter. Facing Dirty Harry, 2 Fighters I nick named the Double Dragons, and a SWAT team guy. Makes sense right. Once more we are fighting over supplies in and around the grocery store. We had a really big table this time so did a separate event card and threat counter for each side. Table split was along the edge of the mall / gas station.

Here is the initial terrain set up, good variety of stuff, as mention mall and gas station, a junk yard with a couple of primmed hummers, a park with an RV and a stone house. Pretty cool, we spread around 10 supply tokens to try and capture.

I advanced accross taking some supplies building threat and heading for the other team. Here the fireman has broken into the junk yard to grab a supply, and the hit man is gunning down zombies, but he got bitten early on!

Angry Axe Man heading for the mall. With the King Pin going into the house for a supply.

Big over view, lots of zombies along my back edge, some bad things happened. Cars on fire and alarming. I have my fire fighter going for the SWAT guy, most other more on the mall side. The hit man trying to take out whoever he can as he slowly dies of the zombie disease.

Inside the mall the Double Dragons are punching and kicking through the Zombies. Angry Axe Man is sneaking in to try and axe them. But I really have to stay away from Clint, he has a big gun and I do not fell lucky, Punk!

The fight goes down and Clint shoot my guy right in the face which is not amazing. In the end Wounded Axe Man is left with one hit point and is able to run away! But got a bit of damage on Clint.

Here my Fireman has finished off the SWAT guy in close combat, but got a bit swarmed by zombies. The King Pin is protecting the Axe Man behind the mall. At this point we are both down a guy and my side of the table has been closed down by having to high of a threat.

Final turn I fight off most of the zombies around me or delay and this side of the table maxes out. I had 4 supplies which is the most I could hold, and the Karate Heroes have only 3, so I am the winner this time. But the now Zombie Hit man may have a different thought...

So ya fun game, really enjoying the zombie thing, bound to be more of this, hope you like it!



  1. Great report Mike!! The table looks AWESOME!!! Nicely done.

  2. Having the cars and the barricades made a big difference to the table. The game is quite simple but it seems to play well -- and I think a custom event deck could make the scenario quite interesting.

    It will be interesting to play some of the story missions.