Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Painting - Late Roman SAGA Army

Hello All,

So I got to catch up on a bit of painting over the long weekend, got my starter warband finished for the next Saga project and just a bit more. A bunch more models from foot sore miniatures basically.

Mounted Warlord:

First up here is my warlord and his banner bearer. A bit of a big base I guess but it is a cool effect with the extra guy. The set comes with the dragon banner thing, I was not really that keen to use it as they include the exact same one in all of their kits like that. I had ordered a sheet of banners from LBMS but in the end I decided not to go that way as this is allot easier. Also those bannes were not that great I felt.


I also completed the second unit of mounted hearthguards. This time going with blue trim instad of red and using the fancy sheilds to mix them up a bit. Pretty nice models overall, again the 2 with the spears above their heads are missing thumbs which makes it a bit harder to drill the hole for the spear, but isn't a huge issue.


Moving on there is also a completed set of armored kneeling warriors. I decided to use the unarmored ones from the set as levy spearmen so these guys can take there place.

Starter Warband:

Of course you will want a shot of my completed 4 point army! So here it is, a blue side and a red side! Very happy with this group, foot sore do some great models.

Of course I am still working on a few more things to bring up the points. I have a unit of bows just about completed, just need to finish the bases. Then a manubalasta to add and some command guys on foot. I also want to paint a unit of steppe tribes mercenaries so they can be given a try as well, but could take a few more weeks.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 153
Painted: 210
Total: 57


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