Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Painting - Even More Romans!

Hello All,

Time for another painting post! Been a bit out of the norm lately so I guess there has been a bit of a slow down. Anyways I have some more Romans done, so time for a look.


Maybe closer to a scorpion depending on who you ask. But for Saga purposes this is what it is. Still not sure if this thing is actually good or not, but it is at least interesting so there is that. Always kind of a drag to have levy it seems. Looks cool thou and kind of fun to have something different.

Warriors with Bows:

Another slightly odd unit the Romans can take. This one is warriors with bows, you actually can't get levy with bows. My feeling has always been that warriors with bows are not really worth as levy with bows have 50% more shots. But sometimes it is handy to have some bows, and you still get a saga dice so that is interesting. This and the war machine are both from gripping beast by the way, foot sore don't make these units currently sadly.

Hearthguard on Foot:

Finally a command pack, plan is to use them as hearthguard on foot, but they can fill in other places as well. My feeling is that lots of warriors is maybe a better way to go with Romans, as it is more about crunching out efficiency. But it is never bad to have some tougher units.

Lady Spy:

Quick bonus the lady from one of the Austin Powers movies!

I have some more levy coming to finish out a full unit of spear armed levy, and a foot warlord. That may be pretty much the end of the Romans for awhile. But I think I will be tempted to get another couple of packs of warriors. They are fun and fast to paint and I just like them!

Also trying to do a unit of steppes tribes to try, but I am not loving that at all!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 153
Painted: 226
Total: 73