Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Battle Report - The Walking Dead!

Hello All,

Time for another battle report! This past weekend we gathered at Duncan's for some burgers and zombies, very nice! Once again playing the Walking Dead game which is good fun. Three players this time. I haf some goverment type guys with a couple of spies and a hazmat team, Duncan had some Walking Dead characters, freshly painted, Rick Carl Liam, and Sandra I think. Finally there was a strange group with the Road Warrior, Elvis, and some hangers on. Everyone wanted some supplies, just trying to survive!

This time we had a bit more rural of a table, with a small woods behind the shopping center. I started in the bottom left by the gas station, Rick in the mall, and Elvis over behind the RV.

Things went well for me at first, James Bond shot the first zombie right in the head, but then my hazmat team had a bit of trouble with the red dress Zombie. Later named El Diablo. Anget Goodnight runs over for some supplies, while everyone else is distracted.

Still pushing around El Diablo, she just won't die! But I break off another Hazmat to accompany Agent Goodnight, surely the zombie can't live forever.

Things starting to heat up in the mall and woods. The Elvis gang is getting neat the gate, was really hoppoing he would go shopping! In the mall there were allot more zombies, but lots of supplies also and Rick seems to be handling, less so Liam but oh well.

El Diablo is on the ground, they got her now!

Nope still laughing at them, there is a thing about government employees and ladies in red dresses here somewhere.

Having acquired 2 supplies and realized that everyone else had more and time was ticking, I decided that it was time to pick a fight. Agent Goodnight plucked off a few shots at the Road Warrior, possibly not the best idea I ever had.

Rick and Carl have to fight all the zombies, might be a season finale?

I guess you can't see much due to the gas station, but the Road Warrior decided to empty his shot gun into Agent Goodnight, that did not go well for her, only 1 supply now. But the 2 heroes finally killed El Diablo! Worth it?

I thought I could save face and get at least one supply, this was the time where you had 2 turns to get off that table. Normally the game just ends but we decided that was a bit lame, so instead you have to escape or die. Of course my Hazmat heroic chap that he is decided to go crazy under the pressure and run into the center of the table. This left me unable to escape, and not really in position to murder anyone in vindictive style! Very bad form.

Ran up to try and stop team Rick from escaping but no dice. In the end I think Rick got 3 but Liam died, Elvis got 2 with no casualties, and I got none and everyone but a single Hazmat technically died I guess.

Hah fun game. Sure to be more zombies to come. Maybe some army guys next time we shall see. Also I want to maybe try some more complicated scenarios then just grab supplies now that we got the hang of things.


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  1. Carl could only move silently on his last move so I ended up only getting 2 supply tokens off the board.

    I think that adding the two extra turns was a good change.

    Next time I will trying Rick with his horse!