Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Battle Report - Lord of the Rings!

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are trying out the Lord of the Rings game (Hobbit Strategy Battle Game). I got a couple of forces done now, so time to give it a go. I choose the Reconnoiter scenario and figure we have 2 forces trying to slip past each other in a pass somewhere in the Ephel Duath mountains. Faramir and his boys want to check out Mordor, and the Orcs want to probe into Ithilien, some time before things really kick off.

The Forces were:

Faramir, Madril, Damrod and Cirion with a bunch of Warriors of Minas Tirish for me. Serge Had a Nazgul, 2 Orc Captains, and a bunch of orcs, I was a bit short so added some from another game. Both forces are at 400 points.

I set up a mountain pass with a river, big rocks and rickety bridges. The scenario is to get people off the far edge, so there are a few different routes, but lots of places to defend also. Could try to fight or be tricky and try to climb around seems fun.

Madril, Cirion and Damrod have no trouble coming on, and the same for 2 thirds of the Orcs. I am sending Madril and his force up the left to go under the bridge, Cirion and his guys to climb the ladder and defend the bridge, and Damrod and his archers up the rock to provide cover. The Orcs come up both sides.

Next turn Faramir and his guys come on and take the middle.The Orcs keep advancing, but their third force is slow showing up. I am splitting my guys up more hoping that 1 force can slip through while the other defend.

Getting into position now, Damrod has the archers in place, Cirion about ready to climb the ladder, others just pressing forwards.

Under the Bridge Famair and co are about to engage a bunch of orcs including their captain. I have allot less guys but the pass is narrow so it is harder for them to bring the numbers.

On top Cirion charges the Wraiths troops as he would. The Wraith tried a black dart on Madril down below but it was resisted, made me nervous thou!

The battles are mostly a push, but Damrods archers got a guy, and Famairs boys killed one under the bridge.

Cirion and his guys are doing a good job holding the line, and are actually killing a few orcs with minor casualties. The wraith is trying his tricks, but after a lucky first shot he is having a real hard time getting a cast off. Madril is moving up to form a line between the hut and the river.

After a couple of turn Faramir is heroic and cuts down the Orc Captain! His small group is taking some casualties, but doing more.

Cirion still holding firm, I seem to be winning that fight, but am in danger of being out number so Damrod and a couple of Archers move in to help out. Down Below Some orcs have moved around the rock to flank Faramir, this causes some problems but he is holding strong. Madril is just holding the line, happy to not fight all those orcs, they are trying to get him in the open.

The Archers take a crack at the Wraith, and get 4 hits! But no wounds, they are pretty tough it turns out! Damrod and Cirion and mopping up those orcs thou, the forces of Mordor are starting to hurt.

Down below Faramir and his guys have proven to be winners so the orcs disengage, they are not accomplishing much by being there, so the 3 flankers run for the edge, which they are close to. The last of Damrods archers run forward as well, but by now the orcs are broken and that is not good with such low courage. The wraith has spent all his will and gotten in a fight as well and was vanquished.

In the end the orcs broke, they were defeated below by Faramir and his guys, and above by Cirion and Damrod. The captain was doing a good job of killing Madril and his guys thou. The higher defense of the men of Minias Tirith and some good luck held the day. No one got off the table but the orcs are broke and their leader (Wraith has died). Faramir was wounded but not killed and his force is not quite broken, so a 6 to 1 for good.

I thought it was a real fun game, but easier when you win hah. More games of this upcoming for sure. Hopefully will be doing the goat meat scenario soonish with Bill Tom and Bert the trolls vs Thorins Company!

Let me know what you think.


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  1. Great game. I found the rules fairly easy to understand. Still need to get better a heroic actions. I think that I should have attacked with the wraith vice spell casting.