Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Battle Report - Roast Mutton!

Hello Hobbits,

Today we played the first scenario for the Hobbit movie, which has ALL of the dwarves and Bilbo trying to fend off the trolls, Bill, Tom and Bert who want to have them for dinner. It's random game length starting at turn 6 and the Dwarves have to kill all the Trolls, or the Trolls have to kill or put in sacks all the Dwarves, else Gandalf turns them to stone and the game is a draw. Full disclosure the dwarves are about twice as much as the trolls, like 800 points to 400.

I set up my best shot at the Troll Shaws including the pony pen as best I could, donkeys had to stand in for 15 ponies...

Turn 1 Kili advanced and all the except for Dori and Nori come running to the rescue. Bilbo hid behind a rock because he doesn't really fancy fighting a Troll by himself.

I advanced up a bit with BIll on the lfet and Tom on the right. Hoping to throw some big rocks and beat a fighting withdrawl, Bert stayed close to his roast.

Next the Dwarves called a heroic march to run in, and Bill and Tom both tossed some rocks, scaring the Dwarves but not hitting any of them.

Next turn I lost priority, so Tom called a Heroic move so he could fall back and put only Thorin in charge range, Thorin declined the challenge and they all just moved up, with Dori calling a Heroic march. Balin and Dwalin moved in close to Bill.

Next turn I won the priority so Tom did another fighting withdrawl calling out just Thorin, who went for the battle this time. Another Heroic march was called to again move them in. Bert then Charged Gloin hoping to get him in the fire, and Bill charged Dwalin. Tom won his fight against Thorin and tossed him down the line knocking down a bunch of Dwarves but doing no wounds. Gloin managed to fight of Bert and dealt him a wound. On the other side Bill charged Dwalin and won the fight, then used the Mince em Fine brutal power attack and ripped him to shreds. Ready for a nice pie perhaps. So far things going rpetty well for the Trolls, can they keep up the momentum?


Next round the dwarves had priority again, and allot of them came in, generally passing their courage tests. The knocked down guys getting up and advancing. Against Bert were Kili and Gloin, Bert sneezed on GLoin dropping his fight but Killi called a Heroic Strike upping his. Bert lost the duel and was cruely cut down. To bad I really wanted to put Killi in the fire maybe next time!

Poor Tom had to fight a few guys and lost but just took 1 wound so not so bad. Bill also lost his fight against Balin Nori and Bofur, and took 2 wounds. I supose they were not happy about Dwalin getting killed. So things really fell apart there!

On to turn 5. Needing to polish things of as turn 6 could be the end, really all of the dwarves surrounded Tom (Killi, Filli, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Oin and Bombur that is allot!). I really wanted him to win so he could jump up and down on all their smug faces! But he lost and was cut down, no wonder Trolls hate Dwarves so much. Bill only had to fight Balin, Nori, and Bofur, I thought I had more of a chance here but rolled poorly on the duel roll. Nori is pretty good with his big staff it seems, they managed to take the last wound off Bill so it was a victory for the Dwarves.

But Dwalin at least is dead so there is that!

Was a pretty fun game, but a bit overwhelming with so many dwarf heros with so much might and special powers, probably would have been more fun if they had them come in a bit more staggered. The Trolls of course could play for a draw by running back into the corners bu that is just lame!

Hope you enjoyed it!


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