Sunday, 22 October 2017

Painting Update - Trolls!

Hello All,

Time for some more painting! This weekend I did the Trolls set, after reading the scenarios in the Hobbit rules book I somehow decided that the 'Roast Mutton' scenario with the Dwarfs fighting the 3 trolls sounds like allot of fun. Also I knew they had the set at FDB so I had to get it. Turns out they are really great models and I love them so good win. They also had some other stuff it turns out so I got that to ah well that happens.


First up is of course Bill the so called leader of the group. He is the biggest and strongest of the trolls so makes sense. I decided their bases are pretty big so I decided to add some bits I had around. Bill got a nice pile of skulls from the trolls previous meals, and a discarded sword. 


Then there is Tom, the middle Troll, with his rusty eat'n spoon. He got a pile of gold coins, not bad. The book says that he is an angry Troll, he has to pick on Bert but also defer to Bill which confuses and angers him, hah,


Last but not least, or I guess technically least, there is Bert, the chef of the group. His base got a skull and some plants (I like skulls full disclosure). As you can see I have painted them allot more brown then in the movie, and added some blood effects, thought it came off pretty well.

Normally I hate painting big models like this, so I thought 3 at once would be a huge pain. But they were a breeze to put together and fast and easy to paint really. Really happy I got this set they are fantastic.

They get fun abilities in the game like roasting people on the fire and sneezing on them so sure to be a laugh.

Group shot:

One with Gandalf for scale, oh and you also get the giant campfire to roast mutton on. Seems that Bill is not happy with what Gandalf is saying. Possibly will come to regret messing with wizards...

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 371 (Some Rohan Heroes and the Trolls)
Painted: 348 
Total: -23



  1. Great looking figs Mike...nicely done

  2. Very nice painting job. Can't wait to see how Thorin's company matches up.