Monday, 9 October 2017

Painting Update - Lord of the Rings

Hello All,

Well I guess it is past time for another painting update, last one was August 20th so I guess it has been a month and half or something like that, time gets away from you. Anyhow I have been busy working away on a whole bunch of Lord of the Rings models! At first I was just painting random old models that I had, a good way to break into a new period and build some steam. But lately I have been working on some stuff that I picked up from Ebay.

Basically my goals are to make some forces to do some Osgiliath games, and the battle of the Fords of the River Isen. Then maybe branch into whatever takes my fancy if I still have this on the go by then! But on to the Models:

Gandalf the Grey:

First up the grey wizard, have to have this guy as he starts all the trouble. I was able to pick up the Mines of Moria box from Greece of all places but just this guy from that set so far.

Saruman and Wormtounge:

Continuing the wizards them I also have the White Wizard and his creepy side kick. I think the Saruman came from an old White Council box I had so he was laying about for years.

Faramir and Pals:

On to the mainline stuff I have the boys from Minas Tirith. From the left they are Captain, Madril, Armored Faramir, Damrod, Horn, and Cirion. Pretty much the captains defending Osgiliath. Not a huge fan of that Faramir, but I have order the better one as well so I will have the option.

Warriors of Minas Tirith:

Well the Captains are Bound to need someone to boss around so I also have 24 Warriors of Minas Tirith. I need to get some rangers as well, and have some Knights to paint but this feels like a solid start.

Spooky Ring Wraith and Barrow Wights:

Need some bad guys as well of course, to start that here are some ghostly types. I feel like I could use the wights as wraiths as well if I wanted, especially the one with the crown. Also have the mounted wraith to paint but procrastinating on that for now. Actually Renendra don't make nice bases like this in the right size so I have a problem to solve there.

Gothmog and Friends:

Some Orc Commanders as well of course. A captain, banner, and Gothmog himself. WAsn't able to get the new Mordor Orc Command that also have the drummer and shaman, but I got these old metal ones which are kind of better? I actually want to get the old Minias Tirith command as well, hopefully comes up cheap somewhere.


24 orcs to hold the line! You get some with 2 handed weapons as well which is fun. I have another set of these to paint as well, I will have tons then but they are not really a priority at the moment.

Elven Heroes:

A selection of the finest Elven Lords and Ladies. Quite found os this old Thranduil, the new one based on the Hobbit movie is a bit over the top perhaps. Cirdan and Arwen I had painted before, but in the rebasing I decided to strip them and do it all over.

Elven Warriors:

Finally to round things off a bunch of Rivendell Elfs. I already had these guys painted from the first time I tried to do the Lord of the Rings. But I decided they would look allot better with new bases so I re-based them and did some minor touch ups.

So as you can see lots of Lord of the Rings models done! Hopefully going to try out a small battle on Wednesday but we will see how that goes.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 357 (Bought 150 Lord of the Rings Models it looks like ouch)
Painted: 331 (67 new guys in all that wow!)
Total: -26



  1. Nice painting Mike, they look really good...

  2. Great painting :)

    Nice varied armies too. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is truly amazing painting. Very well done.