Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Battle Report - Lord of the Rings - Goblins vs Men and Elves

Hello All,

Another Lord of the Rings battle report for you all. Once again made a trip to FDB to play a 700 point game. This time I was good with some Gondor gut and a few elves facing off against all of the goblins.

Here is the start point.  I put Boromir and his group right in the middle to try and hold that objective. My hope was that his horn of Gondor would mean lots of dead Goblins. Others spread out a bit. Made a bit of a mistake with Damrod and the archers and had them a bit to close to the middle. Actually takes me to an annoyance with some these missions, you can have guys that start in charge range, which really takes out any manoeuvre.

Things got moving pretty fast with lots of goblins storming Boromir and the king murdering his way up the steps. A goblin shaman casted Fury making people pass corage test, this negated Boromir horn, so not good. On the far side Faramir faced down a troll, and Damrod was attacked by lots of Goblins.

Push continues, Damrod goes down easy so the archers are left doing a fighting retreat.

The king makes his way to Boromir and makes short work of him. Things are going a bit better for Faramir. Arwen knocked down the troll once, but sadly theen if Gondor failed to capatilize on that.

Goblins start to press through, at this point it us only a matter of time before the good side breaks.

Dventually the Goblins close in and see the deal. Some interesting small battles but not enough.  I think like 20ish goblins died which is not bad but there first break point wad like 32.

Made a few mistakes with Damrod and Boromir which cost me to much I think was the issue.


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