Thursday, 21 December 2017

Painting Update - Undead + Lord of the Rings

Hello Folks,

Way over due on another painting update, not going to lie. Sometimes I just get lazy I guess not really sure hah. Anyway here is the stuff I have been working on since the last time, possible that I forgot something,  but I think I got it mostly covered.

Riders of Rohan:

Another set of Riders, this time plus a banner guy. I am starting to have problems with them staying on their bases now. On guy pulled off, some of them only have 1 foot on the ground which is just a terrible design choice in my opinion. The banner is mounted and his horse visible deflected when I laid him on it, so I decided to just put in a giant pin on the front going to the ground.


Of course getting to the point now where I need a hero for all of these Rohan guys, so I painted up Erkenbrand, was already heading towards that what with the red shields. Next set of 6 will be for another Hero. This guy is a cool model thou I like it.

Celeborn and Fountain:

Last bit of painting I got done was Celeborn and Galadriels Fountain (she was already done from this set earlier). I just felt like painting this one day not sure why.

Mariachi Band:

Then I had an Old West game coming up so I decided to paint up the band I got at Fall-In. I like collecting Western Civilians for some reason, at this point I think I have more of them then gunfighters probably hah.

Sepulchral Guard:

The big diversion was Skeletons! I saw this set that got released for Shadespire, and could not resist getting them to paint. They are the best Skeletons in a long time hah. Particularly like the half guy.

More Skeletons:

Well painting Skeletons was kind of fun so I felt like doing more. Christmas was coming up and I often do something Warhammer related to play back home. SO I thought why not just do more and play Age of Sigmar so I went for that.

Wow Really More Skeletons?:

Just another 10 wasn't enough so I got another box to work on. I cheated a bit here, already had 3 from way back when so I just did 7 to finish the unit. Would have done the other 3 but I just ran out of time. I finished these off on Tuesday and Christmas is right here now!

Took a scythe from another set to make a cool champion for this unit. Including another unit I already had this gives me 4 units plus a commander and some wizards, should be a laugh.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 405
Painted: 426 
Total: 21

Seems like I won't be able to beat last years record, but should come close. Actually I changed how the accounting works for 6mm stuff is part of it. Need to beat the 500 model barrier some year hah.


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