Sunday, 31 December 2017

Painting Update - Skeletons, Monster and Castellans

Hello All,

Got a bit more painting done over the break, so I thought I would toss up a few more quick photos. Maybe not so great of pictures but that is ok.

Skeleton Archers:

First up a few skeleton bowmen, I found some old tomb kings guys that never got painted completely before so figured I would give them a quick go. Still need to add the snow but that is not a big thing.

Castellans of Dol Guldur:

Also a few Castellans I got for Christmas, these guys maybe need a bit more done for basing but basically finished. Ready to cause some damage with their morgul blades!

The Gorm:

Finally a big scary monster. We were playing some Kingdom Death over the break so I thought I would paint one of the expansion monsters to mix things up a bit. Was pretty fun for sure.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 405
Painted: 441 
Total: 36


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