Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Battle Report - Team Yankee (Stripes!)

Hello All;

Got the chance over the weekend to try out another game of Team Yankee with Duncan and Stan. We played 80 points so I made an 80 point force and they did 40 points each. One East German tank company and one Russians mech infantry one.

The new US book has just come out so I was pretty excited to try it out hoping for better results. New stuff in my list were hummers with stinger AA missiles,  and improves production on the tanks giving them 1 more front armor for 1 point each.

We played Free for All, I wanted to go for a mission without reserves and that is the only one!

Duncan had set up a very nice table and we deployed. I am kin of split on both sides to cover the objectives, the Red Tide is just everywhere as you can see.

Turn 1 my plan was to knock out Stans t-72s with my tanks before they could do serious damage, aND for my VADS to take out some smallets b class vehicles. This went ok but not great. On the other side I pulled back to be on the hill and got some more shots. Need high ground to survive the Red Tide right?

Generals view.

The Germans just advanced but the Russians fired away destroying an abhrams. I fired back as I could and tried to scoot into cover which failed.

Couple of turns later. A few more tanks are down, but the Germans are closing the noose on the left. I have been chipping away at them but a combination of not great luck and tons of Russian vehicles to kill is taking a toll. A couple more abhrams are down which really cuts into my fire power.

Everyone is closing in around now and allot of my tanks are Germans. Feel like that guy in the Fellowship of the Ring movie. The drums in the deep,,,,,, they are coming.

 Finally the Germans press into the woods and kill my last guy so it is a total loss for the US, even the choppers are down.

Was pretty disappointing I am going to lie, not much of a better situation for Abhrams forces. But there is at least lots of new lists and things to try now!

Still have yet to see a US win thou and that's not great.


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  1. I think this was one of the best Team Yankee games we have had and I think it was closer than you think -- I thought we were doomed when you wiped out all of Stan's T-72s.

    I had some good luck on saves for my own T-72s which kept them going to kill a few M1s. I think the extra point of armour on the improved M1 makes a big difference especially against the missiles from the BMP-2s. (And I think losing a point on the DDR T-72s would have made a big difference if hadn't kept rolling really well)

    I have started to paint the Soviet stuff I have left and I will probably order some T-55s from the Plastic Soldier Company as well as some BTR-60s for the New Year -- and I guess some heavy weapons packs for the AT-4s.