Thursday, 7 December 2017

Battle Report - lord of the Rings - Lords of Battle

Hello All;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! Once again playing some Hobbit games, thus week instead of a scenario we headed over to the local hobby store and played a points match game, 700 points. I had all 3 Trolls (Bill, Tom,  and Bert), a Ring wraith, an Orc Captain, and some orcs. Facing off against Rada gast a couple of Eagles, and a few Dwarfs, Thorn,  Dwalin,  Gloin,  and Noticed I think.

Mission was Lords of Battle where you basically get points for Murder and the game can end suddenly after one side is broken.

The store (FDB) quickly set up a nice table for us, call it the Ruins of Armor maybe? I hAve trolls and Angmar Orcs so makes sense for the to be there, and Thorn and Radagast are both known to wander, works for me.

As you can see the Dwarfs are looking a bit hard pressed facing up to 3 Trolls some orcs and a wraith!

So they fall back, I was hoping to shoot and had priority so they got away! The Eagles swoop in thou with an eye for a tasty snack.

My priority again so all advance. Last turn the wraith sapped Thorin's wI'll now it is Nori's turn. Other side Orcs are fighting Eagles. They are doing quite well but not getting any wounds in.

Thorn and Dwalin show up to help the Eagles. That is not good for business, also the Captain got eaten last turn.  So the Orcs retreat.

Next turn the Dwarfs are starting to feel the pinch. The Orcs are catching up! Nori gets compelled by the wraith to stumble forward into some Orcs. So the others head back. That means the Orcs can go back to fighting Eagles. They are mostly to scared to charge but a 2-handed weapon guy takes off a wound!

The Dwarfs get one more turn, now fully engaged with the orcs before it's Troll time. But they are not doing well winning fights. The Eagles are chipping away at the Orcs thou bit by bit.

Now the real fight finally happens! Nori is killed first and a couple others are in trouble.

An Eagle tries to help Thorn and fights off But, but Thorn gets stuffed in a sack. Mean while an angry Tom squeezes Radagast to hard.

In the final turn Thorn bust out of the sack and managed to survive! But Bert killed an Eagle anfld I think Tom killed Dwalin.

With the good guys broke we rolled to see if the battle would keep up but it ended. Evil was ahead a bit on kill points with like a dozen or so Orcs killed, but the heroes are worth 4-5 point each, the extra for not being broken sealed the deal.

Was a fun game I thought pretty close really. The Eagles and Dwalin both did much worse then expected so could have turned around quick!


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