Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Painting Update - uruk-Hai and Haldir

Hello All,

Time for another painting update! Bit of a smaller one this time, all these fellows are going to be in a game tomorrow, and my policy is that it is best to have the photo shoot before any action goes down, so there you go. Still working on the Lord of the Rings stuff, getting ready for Cangames. Shouldn't be a problem to have all the attackers and defenders done early but there are some other things to do as well so busy busy.


First up I have Mr. Haldir, really great model from the Heroes of Helms Deep set I got from Duncan (all the other heros are on the painting table now). He came out pretty good. As you can see I had a spare Helms Deep around so decided to take the pictures there.


Bunch more Uruk-Hai to kill pointy eared people (also humans no discrimination). 5 more guys with shields, 5 more with pikes, 2 berserkers and 4 more ladders. Saruman loves ladders....

This actually brings me up to an even 50 warriors for Isengard, plus all the heroes and the troll. But there is actually still like 30 more plus a balista, getting there! These guys are fast to paint so hoping to make it to 100% on the Isengard stuff I have in hand.

As I said not that much stuff, but not bad for a week.

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 11 (Seige Ballista + some Warmaster stuff)
Painted: 40
Total: 29


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