Thursday, 1 March 2018

Battle Report - Hobbit SBG The Artefact

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! Back again after a bit of a break due to some conflicts.

We decided to play another Hobbit game, this time Serge is trying out Radagast on his rabbit sleigh with some elf and a couple of Eagles.  I took spooky ghosts and orcs. A ringwraith,  barrow eight,  3 castellans of dol guldur and a bunch of lowly orcs.

Here is the set up, I am on the left and good on the right. The artefact is by the big Rock in the middle.

Closer shot of Radagast and the rabbit mobile!

First turn everyone really just moves up heading towards the loot. The Eagles soar behind the big out crop.

Next turn thing became interesting. The Eagles hopped the rock and one passed his roll to get the loot. This made me very worried as if you give them space they can fly off the board pretty easily. I headed on but tried to start spreading out. Also really tried to get some spells on the Eagles.  A good black dart or paralyze could swing things back.

A castellans and 4 of the bravest orcs (all passed there terror test) managed to jump an eagle. The castellans got a wound with a mogul blade so he just died! Wasn't the loot eagle thou.

So the eagle almost escaped but this turn things went better for me. I got the priority so I could pin him down, also the wight managed to paralyze him! So he is stuck thete and loses fights until he can roll a 6!

Continue to spread out and keep fighting the eagle. My other group of orcs has engaged some elf spearman by the rock and are somehow winning. Radagast has come over to try and wake the eagle, but they are having no luck.

My castellans managed to get the eagle, at first we thought the mogul blade had him, but it turned out to be 1 use only. Now the focus is on taking out Radagast and grabbing the goods.

The fighting continued, the elf force was broken and now is just about to rout. But annoyingly Radagast was able to get the artefact and won't die! On the last turn my wraith got him with comple and forced him to come out. In the end I git points for breaking the enemy and not being broken. It came down to Radagast if he was on my side Serge would win by 1 point, if he is on his side I would win by 1. We measured and he exactly in the middle so a die roll settled it and evil won.

The Eagles and elves got beaten up pretty good, but they did an amazing job of keeping the artefact in play, so we pretty much ended up with a tie.


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