Thursday, 8 March 2018

Battle Report - New Saga - Normans vs Anglo-Danes

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. Once again we are playing Saga, I decided to try out some Anglo-Danes this time, and Serge has some Normans he has been building up. Mainly foot troops and mo ranged weapons however which doesn't gel that well with the Norman board.

Here is the set up. I somehow forgot that it is meant to be played 3 for across so we are a bit separated but added another turn to compensate.  Thus time we did the deployment where units can't star within 6" of each other. We also rolled for a special effect and got one where everyone gets 1 extra saga dice.

Turn 1 just has us advancing. I had a dounless sized unit of hearthguard with heavy weapons, for some reason I decided to send them on a huge flanking move way around a rock. This is either brilliant or insane?

Even more advancing. The Normans are from the pythoragian school of war so they made a very neat line.

Still a bit far for slow walking people to charge. So I moved up a bait unit of warriors and set up defensive abilities. My guys around the rock continue their journey.

The Norman knights accepted my dance invitation. Things went decent and after 2 charges I still had half my guys, so no dice lost.

I charged the fatigued and exposed knights and killed all 4 losing only 1 of my guys. My rock continue their trip, but the Norman line is drifting the other way for some reason??

Being the last mounted guy it was time for Mr. Norman Warlord to get into things. He charges my hearth guard and killed 2. At this point I made it my goal in life to chop his face. The first turn of this he annoying fly lived.

The Normans attacked some other units but with no huge success. This turn I attacked the Warlord again but didn't hold back. So he was rightly chopped by my Warlords heavy weapon. I expected to also due but some how survived. Fatigue us really key when warlords fight.

More pusing and shoving occurs. Some warrior units fighting each other. The Normans are finding it hard to attack from strong units without any knights. My big unit is closing in thou and the jaws music starts playing.

After a bit more murder the game was winding down. I only had 3 duce for the last turn and that is including the bonus. I decided my big unit needed to fight so they charged first 1 full unit of warriors, then another! The first one went pretty well, but they were exhausted for the second so that was a bit of a wash. Should have just done 1 good charge. The Danes get an ability that stops enemies from closing ranks which could have been key.

On the end it was 20 murder points to 17 for the Anglo-Danes, just enough to avoid a draw and claim victory!

I am really liking the new Saga more and more. Was fun trying out new things, makes me realize how important having a variety of armies is.

Also my older Saga armies are feeling their age. May be time to re-base and refresh them. But to many other projects on tge go at the moment.


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