Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Battle Report - Saga - Normans vs Anglo-Danes

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report. This one is a bit old, from just before Cold Wars. Didn't get around to posting it then and have been lazy. So fair to say I don't remember everything so we can go more by the pictures!

Once more playing new Saga with the only mission. This time we had pizza deployment (diagonal). Also set up the correct distance apart!

Normans had more knights this time aND tried out some archers. I had the same stuff but no big units, my main goal being to keep the 2-handed axe guys away from arrows.

Inital set up, normans with a neat line us more spread out.

First couple of turns we are just moving around as is normal more or less.

But then the knights arrive. They actually didn't fair very well, the Danes had lots of defensive abilities ready.

On my turn they were able to ridentify out of easy range so no revenge!

But they came back of course. Still not doing fantastic they beat up some warriors, but we're still having problems with the hearth guard.

Next turn I was able to pin a unit with fatigue and took them out.  The other retreating to the boulders.

That was the main bit if fighting just leaving some mopping up battles.

As it turned out we had another battle of the warlords! My guy won again, but was then taken out by another unit. Can be tough to keep them alive.

In the final calculation I was ahead by just barely enough to claim a  victory.

Really looking forward to the book of batles so we can try some different scenarios.


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