Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Painting Update - Sisters of Battle Epic

Hello Folks,

Time for another small painting update. I decided to take a doffered army to the Epic Tournament at Cold Wars this year. So I have been expanding on the sisters of battle stuff that I painted last year for cangames.


A few more tanks from Onslaught miniatures.  This brings me up to 15 of these tanks, so I can field 3 units.  Not sure why but for whatever reason I decided to have more of a tank based force this time. Will see how it goes.


Last year I found my planes did quite well, also they have some cool model,  so I decided to double down. Onslaught don't make any for their Sisters line so I git these from the battle tech miniatures. Actually they do great space planes. Think they turned out pretty cool. These are standing in for lightning strike fighters for those into 40k.


One of the issues I gave with the Sisters army is that they don't have any artillery, I gave found that to be very useful in Epic. So I have also added 2 units of bombers! Same idea I figure. These are also battle tech miniatures this time standing in fir thunderbolt bombers. I thought they looked suitably bomberish, kind of like space stealth bombers?

So I think you can agree that is a pretty significant air force, hopefully people don't take many anti-air assets!

Pledge Status, 2017:

Bought: 62 (bunch of dark age irish plus the above)
Painted: 77
Total: 15

Numbers looking good so far, but bound to get some new projects at Cold Wars this weekend, so this positive balance may take a hit!


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