Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cold Wars 2018 - Day 1

Hello Folks,

Now time for the day 1 cold wars coverage. As usual I applied my rule of doing 1 day of tournaments and 1 day of general stuff. So here are some pictures and what not from that.

Morning Game, Market Garden:

Friday morning we played in a large scale market garden game. Turns were 8 hours 3 of the per day. I forget what the stands represented I guess a batalion or brigade, but it was advertised as 8 divisions on the table.

I was controlling Kampfgruppe Von Tetau I think, anyway my job was to attack the British Paradise landing zone. Can't have those chaps running amok. Chris was trying oust Frost from Arnhem.  Some other guys were defending Nijamagen or running up XXX corps. I think we are a day after the first drop to start.

I just attack with most of my units. The left most stand is really weak so I tried to keep them out of it. As stands take hits they become disrupted then removed, but thus affects the formations morale so you are more likely to have it happen.

As time passed more paratroopers arrived, but also more German reserves. The air landing troops were not to hard to deal with but the paras had a defensive bonus of 2 which made them hard to hit. I discovered it was best to attack 2 vs 1 to improve the odds above we have 5 units fighting 2.

I was doing quit well with my attack. By the middle of the second day most of the British units are disrupted and their command is coming apart. I think I am close to taking the landing zone which is under the first british stand. I have a few disrupted units as well but mainly on my weaker stands. The main units are mostly good. Although my original group is wearing down.

More attacks British mostly pushed into the forest.

A shot down the table. XXX corps is in Nijmegen,  which is bad, and some amerucans are across the border.

With Frost holding and Arnheim reached by US Para, XXX corps not really going anywhere we called it here as an Allied win.

Would have liked 1 more turn to see if I could take the landing zone but it wouldn't have mattered.

This was a plates from the I think command decision guys of a new game called breakthrough. Was a fun game, but this scale of battle is not really my thing. Also don't really like the stands having labels.

Evening Game, By Fire and Sword:

After shopping and supper it was time for the evening game. A bunch of us signed up for fire and sword. They ottawa guys took control of the Hungarians (transylvania rules) fighting some Holy Roman Empire guys.

Here we are in progress. Almost all of us were robbers so had to roll for effects. I got 2 10s which meant none of my force would take part in the battle! I was given a pity reroll for 1 and just had some minor losses. Time to charge with the enlisted lancers!

Overhead view much later. There are not so many Hungarians now! You can still see my remaining 2 stands between the plowed fields. Still trying to kill some dragoons! The bad rolling continued but I eventually got them at great cost. Should have stuck with the robbing.

In the end it was king of a draw. The empire really crushed our army, but on the 9hter had achieved nine of their objectives, they had to get infantry into the village or our deployment area.

So that is it for the gaming at Cold Wars. Shopping wise I got some new books an some sweedish wagons, I want to do a wagon train army for reasons. Also picked up some team yankee stuff, a dozen hummers and some helicopters. Keeping with my plan to play some lighter games.


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