Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Battle Report - X-Wing Game 3

Hello Folks,

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This past week it was some more space battles. We decided to kick it up a notch a play a 150 point game, which is not really recommended but it was an excuse to get the imperial raider on the table (huge ship).

So my list was the raider with a few upgrades, a single laser turret and a gad laser turre ect.. Plus a tie advance with advanced targeting computer. The raider is 100 base so not allot of wiggle room.

The rebels played by Serge went for a 10 million upgrade cards and a few ships. So it was the Falcon with han luke and chewy, an E-Wing and a b-Wing.

Nothing fancy just a murder mission but we upped the table to 4x4.

Inital set up, you can really see the glorious might of the Empire. All rebel ships cowering in fear on the very edges.

First turns move, the raider is not exactly a speed demon. The toe advance heads over to cover the rear and the rebels advance.

Next turn more of the same. This picture looks similar I know but trust me new turn.

The raider turns gracefully to starboard (dies this make sense in space?) Rebels prep fir their attack run. I think at this range the raiser starts firing.

Time for a pass, feels oddly napelonic naval. The raider took a few hits but punished the falcon and b wing.

Next turn the rebels are coming annoyingly close so some weapons can't fire. But the b wing goes up in flames.

Falcon gets behind the raider. Not the best place to have a falcon in my experience. The tie adcancel is trying thou.

Time for another graceful turn this time to port. This turn marks the end for the E wing. They have proved annoying in the past so good for it to be gone.

How I think it was thus turn the Raiders rear section was crippled. Not good!

But Han vers off to chase the tie advanced which is very good. The front section had low shields and with the rector badly damaged ot would take some time to charge.

Han and Co. Having trouble downing the advancestors.  You would think 3 heroes could get it done. The raider loops around and charges weapons and shields for the final confrontation.

Plucky tie still going!

Leading Han back to the raidea now which is ready to fight again. At this point it has enough shields that I am feeling comfortable again.

Finally the tie advane is blown up, but the Falcon follows it immediately after.

So a rare win for the true military might in the galaxy. Clearly the answer all along was go buy more expensive stuff!

Have had the raider for years so was good tp finally get it off the shelf and into space! Dust was a big issue not going to lie. Was a fun game the raider was big and tough but seems fair. I thunk the rebels just went a but to hard for upgrades. Another ship or 2 shooting could have done it.


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  1. I agree, way too many upgrade cards. I like this game. It is really fun and simple to play.