Thursday, 28 June 2018

Battle Report - Jovian Wars - Game 2

Hello Folks;

Time for another Wednesday wargaming battle report! This week we are back to space to play a second game of Jovian Wars. The intervening weeks were used to build up some new ships!

This time it's a full 250 point skirmish game with rando deployment. I went a bit more towards the lighter side with more frigates and squadrons. The CEGA forces went a but heavier with 2 medium size ships.

Here we are part way through turn 1. The random deployment put one of the more dangerous earth ships  in the vanguard so most of my fleet is swarming it. But I sent a small force to flank around the asteroid field.  My big Alexander put out some strong early hits. I had my fighter escorting my big shop but the earth forces made quick work of that.

Next turn for me is continuing to hammer that flagship and start getting into place for next turn. The storm rider my best squadron by far is setting up a bombing run.

The big earth squadron keeps causing problems for me downing a second unit. Also the earth forces keep pounding my Aleaner which is becoming distressing.

Next kick at the can my storm ruder bombs that big ship very successfully, destroying it with allot of good luck! My flanking escorts is even able to knock out a corvette. We forgot that you are supposed to roll gir what happens to crippled ship put just removed them. Also may have made an error on evasive ships.

Earth is able to hit back hard thou, sinking my flagship. And the dragon stalker their big squadron causes more problems then lands in the hangars to get repaired.

My plan now was to by pass the other big ship and destroy the rest. But I forgot and put allot of fire into it!

Earth is hitting back hard thou. My Escorts cant stand up until the line of battle at close range and are going down fast. But my storm rider has that last big ship in his sights.

Final dog fight between some Exo squadrons.

The Storm Rider made his bombing run a valiant attempt. He did some good inital damage but the shop was left very much operational.

We had to call it for time at this point so had to call it. Seems clearly an earth victory, that big ship can kill my last 2 escorts easily and we are evenly matched on squadrons.

We had very vlose to the same points left but Earth slightly ahead there.

Second game was much better. We had allot more luck getting hits in so was quite fun.

Maybe will have to try out some large ship next time.


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