Saturday, 11 April 2015

Inventory - Flames of War

So I decided I needed to reorganize my Flames of War collection a bit. I have them all stored in a bunch of the foam trays from battle foam, but they have gotten all mixed up and the various armies are all spread over a ton of different trays. This makes it hard to find anything. Since I was doing that I thought I might as well set each one up on my coffee table for a quick Picture so we can see how much of a collection I really have now.

This collections has been built up over about 5 years, the first army I painted was used in the Bagration campaign which was back in 2009-2010, so this is over about 5 years. I don't remember the order they were done in so I will just group by Nationality.


78. Sturm Division:

So this was my first army, most of the stuff is from a big army box set, but various things were added in. One stand is missing from one of the infantry platoons, couldn't find it but I am sure it will turn up. For some reason this army always ends up with a stand missing from time to time. I think the plane is one of the rare things that I have never even used in a game ever really.

Afrika Corps:

This is my Afrika Coprs guys, there are 2 armies here really, an armored car company, and an infantry company. It may seem that there is an extra command car, I found the other 2 that go with him after. I always used the infantry as a recon company guys so they have some cars to ride around in. This was for our early war desert campaign back in 2010-2011. Had allot of fun with these guys need to get them out again.

Afrika Corps, Panzer:

Later I did a small company worth of desert themed Panzer IIIs, was for a mid war tournament and I wanted to do something different. I had not much mid war stuff at the time. This is a smaller one as I could mix in the above army for support. This one was done in 2012 so a bit more recent I guess.

189th Sturmgeschutzabteilung:

So this is just a Stug company, specfically the one which fought with the 78. Sturm Division. I put the right sticker on the tanks, and even got a special set of tokens made! This probably is my favorite German army I guess. A bit smaller as I was just taking the already done supports from the previous army, also they are kind of expensive points wise with the riders.

Kampfgruppe Bake:

Last up for the Germans is a Heavy Tank company, I went for the Bake force due to having a mix Panthers and Tigers, also I happened to have the Bake model around from a tournament prize. We got best Russian at Cold Wars one time with Russians I think. The green tigers were done way back with my Sturm Company but I forgot them so I just tossed them in here.



These guys were done for our Infantry Aces campaign, not sure when that was. So it is a smaller army. I have a few things I intended to add but never got around to painting. Still I thought these guys came out pretty cool looking.


Cavalry: (not going to try and spell it in polish hah)

So there guys were done for a series of Early War club days, or maybe just 1 I forget. I was aiming for the cavalry army which can also dismount. I got the infantry done but never got around to painting the mounted guys. But I do have them in a box so hoping to get around to it some day. The tankettes have had a hard life despite not being played much so they are a bit beat up. The infantry is all from Forged in Battle rather then Battlefront.


Heavy Tank Company, IS-2s:

The only Russian army I have is an IS-2 company. I did a quick job of these to play in a  doubles tournament with Duncan one time, he had some Russian Engineers to add in. This was just after the new version was released. Never played them much other then that, maybe never again actually. I really wanted to have tank riders but they were sold out when I was doing these.


American Tank, Normandy:

This was my first American army, I think this was my second army but not sure. Anyway they are all the Normandy period tanks plus an Armored Rifle Company. I never got around to painting most of the half tracks for the infantry, just one I used for something else. Always had wanted to add another platoon of infantry as well so I could do an Armored Rifle Company, but never got around to it.

Beach Assault Company:

These guys were done for our Normandy campaign which was last year I think. It occurs to me now that I also have the landing craft done for these guys, but they are in a different box so I forgot them. Any way they are a fun army, again small as I took some supports from other armies.

American Tank, Lorraine:

So for some reason I decided to do a second American Tank company with the later model Shermans. Mainly I felt that I could do a much better job and they would looking better with the decals I was doing by this time. I think it's true they do look allot better. Still adding to this company as it turns out, the Jumbos and Abrams are new obviously.

American Paratroopers:

Last but not least we have my favorite army of all, the American Paratroopers. I was aiming for 101st at Market Garden, so they are painted as having the later model uniform. I used a bunch of fancy bases from Kerr and King so they look cool, and this is also probably my biggest army. I have used these guys in a bunch of tournament and a campaign and been quite successful with them. I enjoy playing infantry armies and these guys can still attack which is fun. The main advantage is the big infantry teams, and the artillery which is very cheap for 6 guns.

So there you have it that is my entire Flames of War collection, 12 armies mainly German and American. It is allot easier to add in an extra company if you don't have to paint all of the support weapons again so I guess that is why there is such a focus. Not to bad if you ask me hah!

I would like to add in SS Panzergrenadiers and a Panzer IV company at some point and maybe other things, but 15mm painting has slowed down allot fo me as 28mm is more fun for now.

Let me know if you like this kind of army showcase post or not, maybe I can do more, or not!



  1. Looks great Mike, I'd love to see more...

  2. I need to do this at some point as my collection has become somewhat chaotic.

    These sorts of posts are good because it shows what you have and could make it easier for someone to arrange a game.

  3. Looks really good. Can not wait to get a crack at the American force during our Loraine Campaign


  4. Thankgs guys guess I will have to do some more of these as I organize things more and more.