Monday, 6 April 2015

Painting - Long Weekend Push

So over the long weekend I tried to getting some good solid painting time in and push to get caught up on things a bit. Managed to finish off another couple of tanks and get some more Samurai ready.

First up here are the Samurai:

Some more re-enforcements for the Takeda side, 3 units of Samurai with yari (spear), and 1 of Ashigaru with naginata (glaive, probably will just count as spear), and a commander. I also have another 4 units just about finish which are just being based. I had to paint new command and a couple of extra guy for some of these so took a bit longer then just straight up re-basing.

In theory the next thing I need to add is a unit of Samurai with nage-yari (pikes), I think have the models for that but they are bad ones so not sure about it. But I am just about at the minimum number of units I require for my game, I just need to add a commander to each side, and I am hoping to make a set of Teukiban (messenger) counters for each side, and made some head taken ones as well. But that is more of a polishing thing so am pretty well set up for this game now. Time to really start pressing some Russians out! Also there is a painting competition on the WWPD for a saga unit so I want to enter that and force some more people to look at my stuff.

The other thing I got finished was the 2 Creighton Abrams I picked up on impulse. This is basically a bit of light procrastinating if I am completely honest, but he has a good game affect also I guess, the thing I like is a platoon of tanks he joins can make a storm trooper move which I feel has a good synergy with easy ride.

In this set you get 2 special Thunderbolt Shermans that he can ride around in, 1 76mm late, and one easy eight. They look pretty cool, and the transfers are neat so fair enough. At the worse this would make a cool company commander, but I think he is better off in a jumbo, but good to have options.

The 76 has plastic tracks which are great, the easy eight gets metal ones but they are a new sculpt I guess so they were actually not bad at all. As before the commander is magnetized so it can't break off, really important for this guy as he is standing up really tall.

I also have a set of armored mortars half done, so the distraction project continues. But I have had the mortars unopened for probably 3 years so not bad to get them done.

Paints Used:

GW: Chaos Black Spray, Leadbelcher

Vallejo: Black, White, US Field Drab, Kahki, Kahki Grey, Brown Violet

Liquitex: Urber Shade

Foundry: Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Highlight

Mig: Light Rust Effect

I ran out of the stick I was using for weathering the tracks so no of that sadly, may add later if I remember.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 132 
Painted: 56 (2 Tanks, 2 sets command and samurai)
Total: -76



  1. Great looking work Mike...I like the Abrams tanks.

  2. Thanks!

    I agree that Abrams looks cool, but I am not sure it is worth 40 bucks or whatever. Also it annoys me somehow that his Easy Eight is different from the others (+1 front armor, no easy ride). But that is being a bit picky I guess.

  3. Yeah, the price is rather steep for 2 tanks...can't wait to see them on the table

  4. Will have to put him in my list, as a special treat, if we face off in the campaign then hah.