Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Painting - Pagan Rus, WW2 Americans & Infinity

So time for another painting update, cangames is just a month away now so getting time to really be stepping up production. But still have a few distraction projects that keep getting in there.

First up I finished off some more medieval Russians, half a point of warriors. I am finding that doing them in groups of 4 has been working well so keeping on with that. Just have to finish 4 more warriors and then a unit of 12 levy to finish off the Pagan Rus set, then have to do Nevesky and some more fancy Rus.

Shield decals are from LBMS.

Paints Used:

Paints Used:

Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Light

Leadbelcher, Mithril Silver, Kantor Blue, Khorne Red, Wazdaka Red, Chaos Black Spray

Black Ink, Umber Ink

Army Painter:
Soft Tone, Electric Blue

Reflective Green, Chocolate Brown, Deck Tan, Dark Sand, White, Black, Ivory, Dark Grey, Wood Grain, Orange Brown, Flat Earth, Neutral Grey, German Camo Beige, Smoke, Japanese Uniform

Baccus Basing Kit for bases plus some flock.

Next up I have a unit of M10 Tank Destroyers, painted these for one of my compatriots in the campaign to borrow, still have 2 more to finish out the squad. Have had these assembled and in a box for years so still good to get them done finally! Not sure how well they did, but M10s are usually pretty effective if you can get a good shot, really need all 4 thou I guess.

Paints Used:

GW: Chaos Black Spray, Leadbelcher

Vallejo: Black, US Field Drab, Kahki, Brown Violet, Reflective Green, Flat Earth, Neutral Grey

Liquitex: Umber Shade

Foundry: Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Highlight

Rust Effect

Finally I have a pair of guys for infinity that I finished up last Thursday.

Let me know what you think.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 132 
Painted: 68 (4 Rus, 3 Tank Destroyers, 2 Infinity Guys)
Total: -64 Crossed the half way mark again!