Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Painting - Armored Mortars

Just a quick update with some Armored mortars. The start of our Lorraine campaign has been kind of pushed up to today so had to get them finished. Don't want any pesky cruciform 88s shooting my tanks!

Have had these guys sitting around since way back when I got my first US Tank company, so some years. Good to finally have them done hah. But the distractions continue.

Paints Used:

GW: Chaos Black Spray, Leadbelcher

Vallejo: Black, US Field Drab, Kahki, Brown Violet, Reflective GReen, Flat Earth, Neutral Grey

Liquitex: Urber Shade

Foundry: Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Highlight

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 132 
Painted: 59 (3 Armored Mortars)
Total: -73


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