Monday, 27 April 2015

Painting - Pagan Rus & Intruder

So got some more guys done over the weekend. The second half of the warriors from the Pagan Rus set.

Making decent progress on these guys, the next bit is a unit of 12 Levy, I got a real good start on those as well. Hopefully will be able to finish off at least half of them by Wednesday so we can try a test game of this. Then it is on to Nevsky and the Rus Princes. Starting to get to the point where production needs to increase but still should be ok for Cangames. Going to be a busy couple of weeks thou I guess.

Paints Used:

Flesh Shade, Flesh, Flesh Light

Leadbelcher, Mithril Silver, Kantor Blue, Khorne Red, Wazdaka Red, Chaos Black Spray

Black Ink, Umber Ink

Army Painter:
Soft Tone, Electric Blue, Bondi Green

Reflective Green, Chocolate Brown, Deck Tan, Dark Sand, White, Black, Ivory, Dark Grey, Wood Grain, Orange Brown, Flat Earth, Neutral Grey, German Camo Beige, Smoke, Japanese Uniform, Luftwaffe Green, US Field Brown

Baccus Basing Kit for bases plus some flock

Finished off another Infinity model, the Intruder.

Paints Used:

GW: Chaos Black Spray, Leadbelcher, Khorne Red, Wazdaka Red, Wild Rider Red

Vallejo: Black, Dark Grey, Neutral Grey, DEck Tan, Ivory, White, Choclate Brown, Flat Earth, Dark Sand

Warpaints: Electric Blue

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 140 (8 few more Infinity guys)
Painted: 73 (4 Rus, 1 Infinity Guy)
Total: -67