Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Battle Report - D-Day Global Campaign


So yesterday Serge and Bernhard showed at my place to play a flames of war game for a Normady campaign that they are doing. It was 21st Panzer attacking some Canadians in Counter Attack. I have some blurry photos of the lists so we will make do with that:

Counter Attack is a bit of an odd mission, the defender has to defend 2 objectives, but one of them starts outside of their deployment zone. This means that they either have to move, or defend it with reserves only. The attacker is a bit far away from the open objective, so they also have the choice of trying to dig out the defended objective. Either way they don't count until turn 6. I guess the idea is that the attacker will get on to the objective, and then the defender will have to counter attack to get them off!

So to get things started we have the Canadians dung in on the left with some 25lbers, mortars and infantry, and the 21st Panzer on the right with Panzer IVs and rockets and Armored Infantry. They were trying out the super heavy rockets that have 1+ fire power, but aren't guaranteed to fire every turn.

The Germans moved down the road mainly, and sent some recon units way up by the far woods to threaten the objective early. Then some more tanks and the infantry double up behind the village, gambling that no Canadian Shermans would show up on turn 1.

But they did! Making quick work of the shrot Panzer platoon. A few 6lber anti-tank guns popped up in the woods and fired on the big platoon but only got a bail, even the tank destroyers didn't fair any better.

Now the Germans got a big ballsy in my opinion. The Panzer IVs mainly moved around the village, leaving just 2 and the artillery to deal with the tank destroyers. Granted they are trained and in the open. The rockets dealt with 2 given their amazing firepower, and the tanks killed 2. Against the Shermans they were a little less effective.

The Canadians moved up the remaining 2 Shermans to attack the Panzer IVs, deciding that 2 shots for 4s was better then 4 for 5s. Sadly neither they nor the 25lber artillery were having any luck, the anti-tank guns did manage to get a kill, but never the less thing started to slide back in favor of the Germans.

The Germans started advancing again, but this time carefully waiting for the next set of Canadian tanks to show up. Which they did, but this time facing the Panzers in less ideal conditions and didn't have much success, the artillery was likewise unsuccessful.

On the German turn the 5 or 6 Panzer IVs fired on the 3 Shermans easily destroying all of them, so the Canadians conceded, deciding there was no hope of getting their infantry over to the objective in time.