Friday, 6 November 2015

Painting - Clint Eastwood, and Infinity

Hello Folks,

So finally get back into the painting a bit. Been slow getting back into things for whatever reason, but back in full swing now. I painted a few models so I thought I would toss up some pictures. I am still getting used to a new phone since I broke mine in Colombia, so they are a bit crap, I forgot that it works better with the flash on. Really I need to get a better set up.

Anyway first up I have the man with no name model from ebob, realy nice model and I wanted to get a fist full of dollars clint to use in some scenarios so was excited to paint this guy.

Great model with lots of character and fun to paint, but a bit on the skinny side perhaps. These pictures seem quite dark, so I expect I will re-do them when I get a chance.

I also finished up a few more Infinity models for my Panoceania force since we have a tournament tomorrow, so I needed to get my force up to it's best fighting standard. So I added a war corespondent, a crocman with a shotgun, and indigo brother konstantinos.


Crocman Boarding Shotgun:

Indigo Brother Konstantinos:

These are also nice models, but I ended up having allot of problems getting them to stay on the bases due to the running poses. They come with metal tabs for slotta type bases, but I cut those off so I could glue them onto some laser cut mdf ones I am using for my army. But that really lead to allot of problems hah.

Sorry again for the bad photos, I will get that fixed when I can.

I have the infinity tournament tomorrow, and am running the Saga tournament on Saturday. SO I am planning to have some posts for that as well, but they may come during the week. Depends on how time goes and how I am feeling.

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 238 
Painted: 153 
Total: -85



  1. Great to see you painting mojo back...the pics are a little tough to view, not sure if you need more lighting in the back or foreground...good luck with the photoing...

  2. Yes definetly plan to re do the pictures with the flash on. But had 2 tournament so was a busy weekend, also I am lazy and addicted to watching the wire so you know...