Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ottawa Miniatures Gamers - Saga Tournament

Hello All,

So this past weekend I ran a Saga tournament down at the club, we had 8 participants which I thought was pretty good, with a variety of armies and some nice terrain. We offered a prize for the person who wins, and also for the person that brings the best table of terrain, in order to encourage the participants to provide the terrain and make it easier for me, as I am a bit lazy.

We played 3 rounds and the scenarios were as follows:

  • Clash of Warlords (Kill the enemy leader)
  • Champions of God (Most Slaughtering victory points wins)
  • Homeland (Attacker must push defender out of 3 buildings)
The choice of the third scenario was perhaps a bit controversial, but I choose it because it is different intentionally. Basically the Defender has a pretty big advantage in most cases, but the players must bid how many points they are willing to defend with, who ever bids the lowest will be the defender, roll for it in a tie. So if both players bid high then you are giving yourself a big chance that you will have to attack a dug in defender. So the bid is almost more like how many points are you willing to attack! I find that interesting, but it is a bit much to ask for people that haven't played that scenario before in a tournament.

The armies were as follows:
  • Vikings x3, 1 with Harald (I think)
  • Milites  Christi
  • Mutatawwi
  • Anglo Saxon
  • Crusaders
  • Samurai

I took a bunch of pictures so I am just going to through them up with some labels when I remember / see fit.

Round 1:

Anglo Saxons get ready to face the Milites Christi
The lines clash
Saxons attack the Knight Commander
Mutatawwi line up vs the Crusaders outside Acre
After a few Suicidal charges there are less Mutatawwi troops
Vikings and Samurai
Lots of Vikings get ready for a showdown

Round 2:

Now the Knights have to travel to Japan and fight the Samurai
Vikings face off against the Saxons
Many warriors die
Now the Vikings line up outside of Acre
And the Crusaders try to teach the other Vikings a lesson

Round 3:
Pictures are getting more blurry now for some reason hah

The Vikings try to kill Harald in his homes
The Samurai fight some Vikings around Acre
The Knights attack a Viking Town
And the Saxons try to burn down the Mutatawwi
Which they turn out to be good at

In the end the Vikings with Harald and the Varangian guard were the winners, and I decided the viking village in the last picture for round 1 was the best terrain.


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