Monday, 30 November 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga - Warlord of Galahir

So got a fair bit of painting done over the last week, still working through Dungeon Saga stuff. I have the first expansion about half way done now. This one features Orcs and Goblins instead of Undead which is pretty cool.


First up are the 2 new heroes for this set, a Salamander Fighter, and a Dryad or some kind of tree man Druid. I forget what exactly the book calls that race.

I painted the dragon guy the colors of a salamander which seemed cool, and he has a leather harness which I decided must be to hold some armor in place, so I did a few bits as metal that could as easily been more scales. The druid is just basically 2 different wood colors. I really liked these guys they are a bit different the the usual heroes so I thought that was cool.


Then I painted the 6 goblins in the set. The plastic in this lot was a good bit harder then with the undead, so I liked these models allot better. Much less issues with bent weapons and such, but maybe that is just because they are not just bones. A few places where the detail is a bit thin but they are struggling to get some cool stuff with a single piece cast I am sure.

So there is that lots, the green skin is a mix of Caliban Green and Snot Green, with Caliban as the base and more and more Snot added in. The other stuff is mainly normal leather and rusty metal colors.


Finally I have a pair of big steroid dogs called Mawbeast.

These guys are kind of static, but the big toothy grins are cool so I think they are alright. Need a few different looking things to break up all the green skins anyway.

I am about half done with the set now just have 6 Orcs, 2 Trolls, 2 Orcling bases and the boss to go. Hopefully should ahve that done in a week or 2.

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  1. These look really good. Can't wait to kill them :)