Monday, 16 November 2015

Painting - Dungeon Saga

So time for another update, got a fair bit of painting done this week actually. Last summer I pledged for the Dungeon Saga kickstarter from Mantic, I thought it would be a cost effective way to get a punch of fantasy stuff to paint for a bit of a change. Well that bucket of stuff finally came in recently so I have been painting some of the stuff from the core game, good to change things up now and again.

As I kind of expected the the quality of the models is kind of uneven, the smaller normal monsters like skeletons and stuff like that are made from cheap plastic that is not very strong so they are quite bendy, the big monster are a bit more like bones material but they are big so it works out, and the characters and boss monsters are made from a more normal grey plastic that is much better so they are a higher quality. So on average not bad, you get some cool stuff and some middling to bad stuff. But they are all single piece plastic models or come pre-assembled. They are meant to be components for a board game and that is what they are so fair enough.

So anyway that being what it is here are a few pictures of the ones I painted so far:

Barbarian + Dwarf Fighter:

These ones turned out ok, I like the dwarf allot more thou.

Wizard and Ranger:

Pictures came out a bit blurry for some reason, but these are better I think.I decided to try the ranger in Autumn colors, mainly I used the SS paint set hah bit it looks alright I think.

Then I moved on to some monsters, the core set just has 4 heroes (there is also like 3 expansions so there is more don't worry hah).


These are the best of the monsters so far, I highlighted them white and then went for a wash to make them ghostly. The white is the normal method to give the shading, then I wasn't sure if a blue or green wash would be better so I did one of each. Let me know what one looks the best!


No you can start to see the mediocre quality, the one on the right is quite bent, both facing down and the weapon is bent. I straightened it with the hot water trick which worked for awhile, but he eventually just moved right back. But that is the only one that is super noticeable, and it's just a skeleton so not the end of the world. I did a bit of green wash in spots on these guys as well to make them look moldy, I would probably say the leather looks to clean but that is ok I guess. I might go back and make the eyes glowy red but maybe not.

So that is where I am at so far, there is still some zombies, armored skeletons, undead dwarfs, undead trolls, and ect to go in the base set. Then there is an Orcs one, Demons, and a big dragon. Not sure all that will get done if I am honest but I will keep plugging away so long as I am having fun. Been watching the Wire again while doing these guys.

In addition to this stuff I also decided what my next serious project is going to be, and that is to clean off the shelf of shame.

This is the shelf on my desk where started but unfinished projects end up. You can see how the newer residents are allot blacker then the older ones due to less dust. So the next project is to paint all of this stuff to clear it off. There are some crusaders, frostgrave, last few old west guys, WW1 ect... The crusaders have been there since before I moved so more then a year at minimum hah. You can also see that I have cheated by adding a few un-opened boxes!

The crusaders are a bit annoying since they were started before I moved to magnetic bases, so I guess they need to be re-based before work continues. So it's a hard life for them.

Paints Used:

The only note i am leaving for myself here is how the dungeon bases are done, as this is going to be going for awhile and I want to remember so they can all be the same:

Paint Black
Dry Brush Stormvermin Fur
Dry Brush Dawnstone
Liquitex Black Ink in the cracks between stones
highlight Neutral Grey
Highlight 50/50 Neutral Grey / White Mix

Pledge Status 2015:
Bought: 238 
Painted: 163 
Total: -75



  1. Looking good Mike...I' like your shelf of shame...looks familiar, I'll paint your MkIV's if you'd like.

  2. I think both ghosts look quite good.

  3. I am leaning toward the green ghost being better. Main reason is that there is a banshee included also which I guess will want a similar treatment as the ghosts. Maybe I will try purple and red for that get a third option. Finished another couple of skeletons last night so now on to some zombies. I must say that it is turning out to be more fun then I would have thought.

    As to Stan's nice offer to paint the easiest items from the Shame shelf, I will have to pass got to paint your own stuff. But if you were to finish your box and play a few games with Serge so he stops pestering me about not painting it that would be cool!