Thursday, 26 November 2015

Battle Report - Dungeon Saga

Hello Folks,

So something a bit different today, I am not sure if this technically counts as a battle report but I am going to toss up some pictures and such anyway because I feel like it! We got together yesterday and decided to try out a few games of Dungeon Saga, on account of I had the base set painted. The plan was to try an Old West game, with Warhammer: Legends of the Old, as Serge had some cow girls painted to try out, but there wasn't time so will go for that next time.

Game 1:

Well we went for the first 3 scenarios, the first 2 of which are introductory ones to teach the mechanics fast and get used to the characters and all of that. The basic story is that there is a Dwarf Hold which has become filled with undead for reasons I can't recall and the heroes have to go beat them up. There are 2 ways in so the 4 split. In this first mission we have the Dwarf Fighter, and the human Barbarian, who just have to barge down this hall and smash down a door to break in. There is just a few skeletons to stop them.

They move and attack on there turn, and then there is an overlord turn, I was the Overlord this time, and he gets to make a few commands to move and attack or raise skeletons from the bone piles. You also get a few cards with different abilities, here they were just more raises or commands, but there are more interesting ones later. In this mission the heros only loose if one of them is crippled and win if they beat in the door, but in other missions the cards are also a time limit. Depending on how bad the skeletons get beat they either become bone piles again, or are just removed.

In the end they fight down the hall and kick in the door no problem.

Game 2:

This one is a bit blurry sorry.

For the second game we have a Mage and an Elf Ranger sneaking in the other entrance to the hold. There is a bit more exploring in this mission and now the door is magically locked so the mage has to use a spell to open it. These characters are easier to wound, but have strong long ranged attacks. To start the mage has opened the first door and the Ranger has crossed over to fire some arrows.

I made more skeletons and moved them up to keep on the pressure. But they were able to open the door without any problems.

These games were pretty fast, around 30 mins I would say. But they introduce all the rules and get you playing fast.

Game 3:

Then we moved on to the first of the real missions. A much bigger place this time as the 2 sets of heroes try to meet up and push further in. Now I have all the skeletons to use and there is a treasure. This mission has a time limit also so there is only 12 or 15 turns I forget and the heros need to open the last door before it runs out. They have no idea how far in that might be and only get to see more of the dungeon as doors are unlocked.

Right from the start the fighters start to get bogged down fighting all the skeletons in the big room, but the Mage and Ranger are making good progress.

I was able to get a bunch of skeletons to surround the Barbarian and the Dwarf. The Dwarf has high armor so is really hard to hit, but with the outnumber and from the rear bonuses I was able to start putting some wounds on the Barbarian. But the Range and Mage team were rushing around to give some support. I was mostly shooting the archers at these heros and got a lucky hit every now and then.

Another blurry pictures but all the heroes are rushing for the door now, the fighters had to give up on killing all those skeletons and the Barbarian is starting to have a bunch of wounds.

The mage opens a chest and get a healing potion to keep the barbarian alive and some magic armor for the elf. But when they open up the next room it's full of Zombies!

The zombies can't come back but they are a bit harder to kill and get bonuses for mobbing people. The heroes are able to kill them and delay them, using the 'feet to stone' spell to keep the Armored Zombie from having to much fun. On their very last turn with 2 heroes 1 wound away from being crippled the Mage breaks last arcane lock on the door and win.

In the end I found this to be a fairly simple but quite fun game. The heroes have to battle down and fight some cool monsters. It was better then I was expecting. Have played the DnD Castle Ravenloft game a few times which is similar, but I think I like this better. So quite happy with Dungeon Saga in the end, the models are fun to paint, and the game is fun to play too. Quite good to change thigns up from the usual once in awhile.

But obviously I need to to better with the pictures. My new phone has a flip case, so I find it allot harder to hold to take clear pictures.


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