Friday, 19 February 2016

Painting - Old West + Others

Hello Folks,

So Got a bunch of stuff done in the last week or so, with that in mind I decided it was time for another painting post so you can check out this cool stuff.


I will start with the boring things and work up I guess. I have re-based my Cowboys from a ew years ago in the first surge on Old West painting into the new standard with nicer basing and magnetic bases for easy storage. This was party because I thought an extra army might be needed for my big old west day on Saturday, and party because I want to have all my Old West stuff on the same basing so they can fit in one box. I kind of want to re-base all my old style miniatures this way but I have allot of Dark Ages stuff so that would be a bit annoying. Anyway here are the Cow Boys.

Not painting so well as they are from awhile ago but I touched things up a little bit and they are better with the new bases.

Also re-based the last for towns folk / vigilantes:

Dungeon Saga - Tyrant of Halpi Heroes:

Here I have the heroes from the last Dungeon Saga expansion I have to paint. I eas going to wait and put them all up together, but I now realize the dragon will be sitting on my desk waiting to get painted for awhile, so here are these two. Paladin and a thief.

Pretty nice models standard stuff for this set, I quite like the paladin thou.

Holy Roman Empire - By Fire and Sword:

These guys I have had unpainted for quite awhile, I quite like the game but have been procrastinating painting 15mm cavalry for ages. But there is going to be an open gaming slot for this game at Cold Wars so I decided it was a good time to get some stuff painted for By Fire and Sword and get gaming. Actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I pushed for getting them done fast over being well painted but they still turned out alright.

I would say that these models are not bad, they have some problems but they work. I think the sculpting it good by the casting is mediocre-bad but a bit of that might just be a 15mm models thing. I have another 4 of these stands with armor, 2 bases of dragoons foot and mounted, and a commander and that is it for the base Skirmish set. I am not very tempted to order a bit more as they have turned out more fun then I thought.


Finally the main event of the post, the Pinkertons! I decided to order the second Dead Mans Hand book to get a few new scenario Ideas for tomorrow, and also they added some multiplayer battles. So of course I decided to get a new gang to why not! That all came on Monday so I decided to just get em done! This took a bit of an effort and some midnight oil was burned last night but now they are done!

Very pleased with this lot, especially the 3 in the back on the step. Great Escape does the best Old West models, I am sure there will be more coming for me some time. I decided to paint the long coats a few different colors, the brown one really doesn't look good but the others I like.

Be sure to let me know what you think about all this. Also I hit publish by accident before I was finished, then photobucket stopped working so I couldn't add the pictures! Very annoying. So sorry if that was annoying in peoples feed or something.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 31 (7 Pinkertons, 6 Infinity Models for League, 9 US Cold War (realized I forgot to add this to the count) 
Painted: 42 
Total: +11