Thursday, 3 March 2016

Wednesday Wargaming - Dungeon Saga

So time for another Wednesday Wargaming report. This week we decided to play some Dungeon Saga, which is not technically a wargame, but it is close enough to toss up some pictures so why not.
This time we were playing through a new expansion, the Infernal Crypts, which has the heroes wading through the laval filled infernal realms fighting demons.

Game 1:

The heroes for this one are a barbarian fighter, a mage, a cleric, and a neriad who is like a bad ranger I guess. The first mission has the heroes showing up and trying to push past a big pool of lava into a room of monsters. This is mainly to introduce the new mechanic for this expansion which is the lava. As compared to the orcs and goblins expansion the monster seem to die much easier, but the heroes are much easier to damage as well, and along with damage from lava and tight time limits they can get in trouble easily. Seems to be harder so far for the heroes.

In our game the Heroes ran into a little big of trouble getting bogged down in the narrow corder where they couldn't fight as effectively. This cost a bit of time, but the barbarian managed to slip through and smash the door to win the scenario just in time.

Game 2:

The second scenario has a big room of lava the heroes have to cross while fighting all kinds of demons.

This proved to be much more challenging. You have to try and jump on the safe black rocks in the lava while demons are throwing fireballs at you. The Djinn can regenerate if he is in the lava and heroes attacking him might get burned, to make matter worse the succubus at the end can mesmerize heroes and make them loose turns to try to attack her. Also the time is short as usual.

In the first attempt the heroes did a good job of killing demons, but the mage was a little overzealous and took some hits from standing in the lava. This allowed the demons to focus on him and get in some good hits knocking him down for the win.

We reset for a second attempt and this time the heroes were a bit more cautious and tried to make better use of the cleric. At first it seemed like they would run out of time.

The lava spread around more in this game which made crossing harder, but although the heroes took more damage it was spread around all of them, so no one was quite close enough to be brought down. In the end all the demons were brought down and the door opened with a turn to spare.

I found this to be a fun expansion so far, definitely seems to be better then the orcs and goblins one which can be a bit of a slog at times, hopefully we will get to play through the rest of the scenarios some time.


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