Monday, 7 March 2016

Battle Report - Team Yankee Club Day

So last Sunday we had our next club day for our Team Yankee escalation campaign. This time we were doing 75 point lists and had 4 players. We decided to do a bit bigger tables and put together of them together so we could play some single player normal games, and then a big format game all together at the end.

I had my Americans again of course and went with the following:

American Armored Combat Team:
Abrams Commander
3x Abrams
3x Abrams
2x M109 ITV
4x M163 VADS
3x M901 Artillery

So not bothering with air at all but concentrating on the ground forces.

Here is our big table set up:

Game 1:

For the first game I played again Serge in encounter, he had Russians with tanks, BMP recon, helicopters and strike air craft. This is a reserve mission so I had to keep 3 platoons in reserve, so I started with just 1 Abrams platoon, my AA, and the tank commander. I didn't want to get caught out with my AA stuck in reserve as the planes can cause allot of problems sometimes.

The Russians used a spearhead advanced granted by the Recon platoon to press close to the western objective, and I grouped up my stuff where it felt safe in the crops around the village. I know it will still take a few turns for the Russians to be in a position to capture the objective and this will give me time to drive over and shoot them up. My opinion is that these games are often decided by the first decisive shot so it's best to play it safe.

I didn't get many pictures, but the Russians moved up as expected and had an ineffective round of shooting, and then I started firing. The Russians had extremely poor luck so that went badly for them.

In the end all the Russian vehicles were destroyed, so first win for the US!

Game 2:

For game 2 we all went together for a big game of Free for All, so we didn't have to mess about with reserves. Worked very well with the huge table.

Here is a shot down the tables, as you can see there are two big masses of spearheaded Russians tanks, all gunning for the far down of our objectives. I had a few tanks way down on the end to swing about and put pressure on the bridge. We got the first turn which was good, but this is allot of tanks we are facing so the Americans were not super confident.

Here we are a bit later on, my tanks and the ITV were making good progress on the Russian objective, but the Air Force showed up to rain on my parade. In the middle I am firing a few pot shots across, and on the far end the main battle is raging. I put down some artillery but not to great of an effect, and the American tanks are getting worn down by the numbners.

Here we are down on the other end, as you can see we are not exactly winning that.

And here we are at the end of the game, or their about. My flank was destroyed by the strike air craft and those T-72s, in the middle of the table we did a good job of killing things. Some recon died, and a bunch of tanks. But the Russians were able to force that objective way down on the other end so it was a loss for us.

I must say that I am really enjoying Team Yankee, it seems like a perfect game to me. Both sides are complaining that the other sides tanks are to good, so that is probably a good sign that the balance is right on as no one is happy. But it makes for fun games with cool gear if you ask me. Look forward to the next games.


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  1. I really enjoyed the big game. The two smaller games I played (one of which only lasted a turn) not so much. I am liking Team Yankee overall though. I am looking forward to getting my infantry on the table to see what that does to the game. I would like to play some scenario based games as well but that will have to wait until after Cangames before I have enough time to think about that.

    The balance between sides does seem to be good as you point out