Friday, 25 March 2016

Frostgrave at Fandom

Hello Folks, I had the opportunity to try a game of Frostgrave at Fandom on Thursday so here is a brief review of that. I decided to try out an Enchanter this time, but didn't have a new set of Wizards painted yet so used some Chronomancers as stand ins. Also since I had just finished painting my Djinn we decided to do the magic lamp mission. We kept rolling for oher monsters after he showed up as they make it more fun.

Ah it appears to me that these pictures are not super easy to see what is going on. There are a bunch of treasures basically down the middle line, and one in the circular tower, and one behind the plinth. I had my apprentice on the square tower with 2 crossbow guys to provide over watch, a theif to run up the spiral tower, and a main force above Buddha to walk into the ruins and cause trouble.

The Ratmen and their mage advance quickly to claim the treasure, but awaken the Djinn who immediately starts to cause fun problems. The big rat is a summoned bear who charges forward to get in my face and be interference.

My crossbows managed to shoot down a rat treasure hunter who was just about off with some loot, you can see the left over loot by the house bottom right. A demon had showed up on the rat side of the board and murdered their apprentice. I killed the big bear, but now a rat assassin has used a potion to teleport in and attack my wizard.

A zombie came and tried to block my thief from escaping with his treasure from the round tower and eventually killed him. Above Buddha I have brought my Templar and his now magic sword to save my wizzard, but they are both about to be killed by the rat! Never fear thou my crossbows get revenge. In the mean time my other thief is able to get off with the treasure from the spiral tower.

In the big ruins there is a bit of chaos with rat infantrymen and Djinns and people dieing. But one of my thugs is somehow able to grab a treasure and sneak off. A squad of rat monsters had arrived earlier and cleared a convenient path for me!

So there we have it good times with 2 treasures each, we had a time limit of 6 turns each so that is the abrupt end. But the store was soon to close. The Rats got the bonus for finding the Djinn and can sell his bottle.

All my guys past their recovery rolls including my Wizards, who got a fight increase. I as able to make some magic weapons permanent with embed as well so I thought it was a pretty good showing. I choose a Library for my Wizard lair and used the search action to find another treasure which turned out to be robes of arrow turning, pretty nice! Hopefully I will get to try another game soon.


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