Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Painting - Frostgrave

So I have started getting ready for Cangames for real now, so all kinds of painting for Frostgrave. This is going to continue for awhile as I get bits and pieces ready. The main thing is doing terrain for the two tables I now want to do, but I need to paint more soldier and monster and what not as well. Maybe some more treasure also will have to think about that.


So first up here is that start of my second table which I am calling Blighttown and is based of a video game. Basically I want to have a bunch of wooden platforms that you can climb around on, in a swamp! The Games Workshop Goblin Town set seemed perfect for this to me, so I ordered up a 3'x3' swamp mat and got a Goblin Town set as a present. So here is the frist set painted up with the mat, I have ordered another as I really like how it turned out and you really need more then 1. Two probably should cover it but a third is possible hah.

Here is the thing on it's swamp mat, and some close ups.

It was very easy to put together with only a few parts, and now to bad to paint either, the bones took the longest, there is allot of them. My idea is to reduce line of sight so it doesn't feel as open, but have some fires to illuminate areas, stealing the light rule front he Batman game. I have some ideas for scatter terrain as well, so I think this will end up being pretty cool.


Here are the first of the soldiers. These are ones I had put together to be in my original Chronomancer warband so I had special bases for them. Used the platforms for pictures since I had it there.


A few theifs, there are not allot of options for daggers in the box so I went with big swords. Thugs will have to go for axes and clubs but that is fine.

I think the theifs are my favorites of this set. They are popular in the game so we will need lots of them I guess. I gave a few of them big coils of rope so they can climb around and what not, there are lots of cool bits you can add on in the soldiers box.


Next up are the thugs. I struggled with these a bit, there are not as many options for arms without shields as I would prefer so you are a bit stuck.

The torch guy is trying to burt his face off it seems, and stabd someone with a club. Makes sense for thugs to be a bit dim?

Chronomancer Warband;

So that is all the guys I had originally planned for my Chronomancers warband so I thought I would do a picture of the group even thou I have kind of moved on from there.

Evil Djinn:

Next up some monster, so here is a close up of the Djinn from our last game that I had done.

Really like this model and the mission is a good laugh so long as he is killing someone elses soldiers!

Start of Table 1:

Finally I painted the first piece for the other table, which is a more classic frozen ruined city thing. I am again using some GW kits as I like them. So here is the statue from the Garden of Mor (cemetry) set.

I like the flowers and skulls, but otherwise it is a bit plane grey. I might add some blood or green or some kind of weathering. But maybe not.

So that is how I am doing on the Frostgrave fo cangames project!

I bought a bunch of new stuff at Cold Wars for various projects so that has kind of screwed my numbers. In particular a box of 48 plastic Hoplites, 48! come on that is to many for 1 box ugh.

Pledge Status 2016:
Bought: 141 (Greeks, plus some more By Fire and Sword)  
Painted: 77 
Total: -64 (ouch) 



  1. Those look really good. I really need to put some work in to my Frostgrave stuff -- though I am making good progress on my Hail Caesar painting so I don't feel too guilty.