Monday, 21 March 2016

Pre- Cold Wars Practice - SAGA

So last Wednesday we played a game of Saga for me to practice a bit for the up coming tournament. I decided on taking the Rus Princes, have been having fun with them lately and I like the special Elite Durzhina unit, with a bucket of special rules.

To keep things simple for getting back into we just did Clash of Warlords, but this is one that shows up in allot of tournaments also I think.

Serge had the Vikings lead by Harald and his Varangian guard buddies, so there would be some tough competition.

My plan was to not fight the guards and just eliminate the other models until a chance for a warlord kill came up. On the first turn I moved up and fired some shots from the Durzhina using parting shot.

On the second turn I kept up the same plan, got a bit better with the shooting and killed off some warriors but not the full unit, still staying away from the house as the viking berserkers were in there and you don't want them to be charging you to easily. They of course made a charge, but I had a battle board ability that prevented them from having more dice then me, so they ended up being wasted. The Vikings then started to pull back as they didn't like getting shot with arrows with little ability to fight back other then piecemeal.

Next turn I kept up the pressure and assaulted the house hoping to finish off the warriors who were now hiding inside, and used my big warrior unit to cover the gap so it would be hard for the guards to charge my good unit.

They charged my warriors thou and massacred them, I made a mistake about how much armor warriors have I think, but that's not a big deal. By this time there was only 3 of the varangian guard left, so I thought it would be an ok time for my durzhina to fight them.

Which they did with little trouble.

Of course Harold counter attacked with his remaining warrior and finished all but one of my Durzhina at the loss of the warriors.

This gave me a shot at killing Harold for the win, but he is tought to crack with his high armor, so a warlord and 1 Durzhina was not enough to manage it. On his turn Harold charged back in and was able to finish the job killing my warlord.

So that is the practice game, real Cold Wars coverage to come in the following days.



  1. The game looks good, I guess the practice paid off!!