Saturday, 5 March 2016

Painting - Operation Reforger!

Hello Folks,

So the next day of our Team Yankee escalation campaign is coming up tomorrow, and I got another wave of reinforcements in, thanks to Serge picking stuff up at FDB. So I was inspired to go on a bit of a painting blitz, well it helps that these vehicles paint up super fast so it is not that hard really. Anyway I painted up a ton of new stuff for the games day tomorrow so I can try out a few list optins, check it out.

M901 ITV and M113 Fist:

So first up a selection of M113s, 2 with the upgrade to shoot TOW Missiles, and one regular one to act as an observer. The missile guys are a dirt cheap platoon to harass and make a run for objectives, and the other is to help some artillery get called in, at least until I paint the other 3 and the infantry he will eventually carry.

M109 Field Artillery:

Then I have some artillery to try out, if I am honest these were a total impulse buy, but seemed like a good idea at the time. I think they can be pretty good if you upgrade to the copper head laser guided munitions, but that is a few points, and depends on the Fist not getting killed.

M163 VADS (Vulcan Air Defense System):

Next up are these beautiful guys. Russian helicopters have been causing me allot of grief, so clearly these guys are needed to knock them out of the sky. Also they are a cheap platoon so can help out in reserve missions.

A10 Warthog:

And then finally as a last minuet addition I decided to paint some of my favorite planes. Full disclosure these are not actually finished off yet, I ran out of Dullcoate spray so they have not had that. You probably can notice allot of glossyness around the decals but that will be fixed later. I am hoping these guys will bring some pain to the Russians with their 30mm Avenger doom cannons, and Maverick missiles.

Magnetized Carry System:

I also had time to grab some magnets and magnetize all the turrets and vehicles so they will be safe in the Serge carry system. Ready for battle.

Obviously can't use everything at once as this is like 120 points now and tomorrow is 75 point lists, but I am hoping to get a few games to try out some different options. Perhaps one with all ground forces, and one with all the Air.

Be sure to let me know what you think of the growing forces! Still have mortars, infantry and more planes and choppers to paint for next time.

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  1. Looks great Mike! Really nice painting, the 109's look great, although a weak spot in my heart.

  2. Thanks! I game the artillery a try this weekend, it is not very effective at killing tanks. Well as expected I guess, I think it would be allot better with the laser guided munitions thou which I didn't use. The small platoons I really like thou like the VADS and the M113 missile guys. They don't do much either but are dirt cheap!